LifeLink Foundation Relies on Proofpoint to Block Spam and Protect Confidential Healthcare Information

September 5, 2007 – Proofpoint, Inc., the leading provider of integrated email security and data loss prevention solutions, today announced that LifeLink Foundation, a non-profit community service organization dedicated to the recovery of an increasing number of high quality organs and tissue for transplantation therapy, is using the Proofpoint Protection Server® software, with the Proofpoint Spam Detection™, Proofpoint Virus Protection™, Proofpoint Digital Asset Security™ and Proofpoint Regulatory Compliance™ modules, to protect its email users from unwanted spam and viruses and to support the organization's HIPAA security policies. LifeLink Foundation is headquartered in Tampa, FL with divisions in west central Florida, Georgia and Puerto Rico.

In 2004, LifeLink switched from a Novell GroupWise email system to Microsoft Exchange-based email and saw a major spike in the level of spam coming into the organization. Monday mornings were especially draining for employees who found hundreds of unwanted messages, received over the weekend, waiting for them.

After evaluating several email security solutions, LifeLink chose to deploy Proofpoint based on the solution's high level of effectiveness and ease of use. After deploying the Proofpoint Protection Server software, LifeLink's senior network administrator immediately saw a significant change and found that virtually all spam messages were blocked with minimal false positives. Today, LifeLink receives more than a half million messages per month, but the 80% of messages that are spam are accurately blocked at the gateway by Proofpoint.

"We've seen the level of spam consistently rise, with a dramatic 400% increase in the last year," said John Rhon, vice president of information systems for LifeLink Foundation. "Proofpoint has easily kept up with both the growing sophistication and volume of spam messages. Since our successful Proofpoint deployment in 2004, we continue to effectively block more than 99% of those unwanted spam and virus messages while still receiving all of our valid mail. Proofpoint has also helped us control the outbound email stream and has enhanced our email security."

Proofpoint MLX machine learning technology provides outstanding accuracy against all types of spam by examining hundreds of thousands of structural, reputation, image processing, attachment and text content attributes using a combination of advanced statistical analysis engines. The advanced methods used in Proofpoint's anti-spam solution offer extremely high effectiveness against all types of spam—including "traditional" spam, image-based spam, PDF spam and other forms of attachment-based spam—averaging more than 99.8% effectiveness during the month of August as measured against Proofpoint's network of honeypots.

In addition to the Proofpoint Spam Detection™ module, LifeLink also makes use of Proofpoint's outbound data loss prevention features, which allow the company to define and enforce acceptable use policies for outbound message content to protect against leaks of personal health information (PHI), social security numbers or other HIPAA-related data.

"Proofpoint has proven to be the ideal solution for us as it gives us a single platform for managing both inbound and outbound email messaging," said Rhon. "Proofpoint has enhanced our email security to ensure that our outbound email is HIPAA-compliant and ongoing administration has been simplified. We can effectively manage all of our email security and acceptable use policies from a single interface."

"Like so many enterprises today, LifeLink needed a solution that could keep employee inboxes free of spam and viruses while also protecting their customers' private information," said Sandra Vaughan, senior vice president of products and marketing for Proofpoint. "Proofpoint solves both problems in a cost-effective way and gives customers the widest variety of deployment methods including appliance, virtual appliance, software and managed service options."

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About LifeLink Foundation
LifeLink Foundation is a non-profit community service organization dedicated to the recovery of an increasing number of high quality organs and tissue for transplantation therapy. Headquartered in Tampa, Florida with divisions in west central Florida, Georgia and Puerto Rico, the Foundation attempts to work in a sensitive, diligent, and compassionate manner with donor families to facilitate the donation of desperately needed organs and tissues for waiting patients. For more information about LifeLink Foundation, please visit

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