Advantages of SaaS Security Solutions

| Topic : Cloud Computing/SaaS, Security and Compliance

Businesses to increasingly use cloud for data storage

Enterprise Networking Planet contributor Paul Rubens recently reported security is attracting many organizations to the cloud and SaaS solutions, despite a misguided belief that the cloud is insecure and, therefore, a risk to enterprise IT.

Rubens found companies greatly limited their upfront investment in solutions when opting to use SaaS, while also cutting the bureaucratic element that often follows the implementation of any new security solution. By outsourcing the back-end operations of a system, the only member of an organization interacting with it is the end-user, rather than forcing an entire IT staff to support and maintain the solution.

Rubens cited research firm Bloor in reporting companies of all sizes have decided to implement SaaS security solutions. Small businesses enjoy its benefits greatly, but Bloor also said there has been a significant uptake with “companies with branch offices and mobile workers."

One element of SaaS security solutions that has improved companies’ perception is the use of data encryption. More SaaS security vendors have included encryption to help organizations achieve compliance with standards, such as HIPAA compliance, and mitigate risk of data loss. 

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