Email Security Breach at Epsilon May Lead to Phishing Attacks

| Topic : Email Security

Black Hat phishing scam revealed as a hoax

A large-scale breach of security at email marketing firm Epsilon may already have prompted a phishing campaign targeting people whose addresses were illicitly obtained, according to a report from Des Moines, Iowa, television news station WHO.

Geoff Greenwood, of the state Attorney General's office, told the TV station that it's important for users to differentiate between real notifications from companies affected by the breach and phishing attacks from the hackers.

"If you're getting an email notification, that's good. However, if you're getting a notification, even if it looks official, and that asks you to confirm certain personal information, don't do it," he said.

The AG's office issued a warning to Iowa consumers, urging them not to click on links or images in emails that are not from a trusted source, and saying that no bank or online retailer will ever ask for login information via email.

No financial information or shopping data was revealed in the Epsilon breach, luckily, but the targeted phishing campaigns that may yet result have the potential to do serious economic damage via fraud and identity theft.

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