India rising among phishing targets

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India rising among phishing targets

Phishing attacks against Indian brands rose significantly in May, according to a report by a U.S.-based software security company. The jump from April was 187 percent, with every attacked brand being from the banking sector.

Threats targeting the victim's bank balance included commonly used pieces of malware like the trojan Zeus. The Financial Chronicle claims that the increase in attacks against India's banking sector is a product of the industry's susceptibility, just as it is in other emerging nations. Many banks in those countries encourage e-transactions as a fresh source of revenue, contributing to a rise in attacks as well.

According to the study, the Reserve Bank of India has proactively attempted to enhance security measures, outlining hundreds of checks to ensure financial data protection, but the brands still remain heavily targeted.

Spam and phishing attacks have also increasingly used a dot-in URL as part of the scam. Distribution from dot-in domains placed tenth in the worldwide rankings in 2011, but jumped up to fifth in May 2012. Of the brands from India that were attacked, 25 percent used the dot-in domain, according to the software security company.

Attacks on the domain originated from multiple countries, though the Indian city of Hyderabad was the second most popular source for phishing attacks on Indian brands. Phishing sites attacking non-Indian brands that were hosted in India were also most likely to be from the city.

A separate study from the security arm of a network hardware company found that India has jumped into the top four most popular targets for brand-based phishing attacks. Fifty percent of the world's attacks in April targeted brands from the United States, United Kingdom and Australia.

Phishing attacks as a whole increased 86 percent across the world.

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