Report Details Growing Value of Reliable Document Management Solutions

| Topic : Email Archiving, Cloud Computing/SaaS, Security and Compliance

As companies create more information, it's imperative that they implement highly capable solutions to manage the files.

Document management vendor Xerox recently released a report detailing the growing importance of reliable solutions to organize and control documents in the enterprise. The number of companies now required to produce information quickly, whether for regulatory compliance or potential eDiscovery requests, has grown in recent years.

Among the most important elements of document management is archiving, Xerox said. Companies that produce substantial information must be able to monitor the lifespan of any document they create. With any form of management solution, whether a traditional content management program or an email archiving solution, the process of creating, organizing and locating information becomes easier.

With the advent of SaaS solutions, both smaller and larger enterprise have benefited. For small companies, highly capable solutions are less expensive in the cloud. Meanwhile, large companies can manage the money they spend on the solutions better by paying only for the capacity they use.

Email archiving in the cloud has become remarkably popular in recent years. According to TechNavio, SaaS-powered email archiving solutions will expand by more than 35 percent annually for the foreseeable future.

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