WikiLeaks Publishes Stolen Stratfor Emails

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WikiLeaks publishes stolen Stratfor emails

With many companies managing more data than ever before and cyberthreats on the rise, it's vital for organizations containing sensitive information to ensure their data is secure across all channels.

One such communication channel - email - is increasingly targeted by criminals because it often includes private, potentially useful company information. In December, United States-based security consulting firm Stratfor fell victim to an email security breach, an incident allegedly linked to well-known hacking group Anonymous. However, while Stratfor has since tightened security and even offered free identity theft protection to its customers, the company is still feeling the aftereffects of the original breach.

According to Reuters,  WikiLeaks, a group that publishes leaked documents and information, recently began exposing more than five million emails belonging to Stratfor employees. Reuters said Stratfor has several military and defense clients and has even been likened to a "shadow CIA."

Despite Stratfor's insistence that many of the emails are forged or altered, the report said the content of the message could provide insight into the secretive landscape of private intelligence gathering while revealing sensitive information about the company's clients.

"Here we have a private intelligence firm, relying on informants from the U.S. government, foreign intelligence agencies with questionable reputations and journalists," WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange told Reuters. "What is of grave concern is that the targets of this scrutiny are, among others, activist organizations fighting for a just cause."

Furthermore, the report said WikiLeaks and Anonymous believe the emails will disclose confidential secrets about Stratfor and its practices.

With targeted, sophisticated cyberthreats becoming more common for hackers, it's critical for enterprises and government agencies to secure their employee emails accounts with encryption technology and antivirus software. Meanwhile, many email security solutions can help organizations reach regulatory compliance through proper privacy and archiving techniques.

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