Proofpoint customer Alticor (whose global brands include Amway) have used Proofpoint for several years to keep email secure and compliant for more than 14,000 employees. One of the world's leading direct marketing companies, Alticor has many offices around the world supporting more than 3 million independent business owners. In this video case study, Patty Krivitzy (senior IT security) and Kreight Tomazewski (postmaster/senior technical support), who administer the Proofpoint solution at Amway, describe how the company has used Proofpoint for more than 6 years, taking its deployment from on-premises appliances, to virtual appliances and (most recently) to Proofpoint's cloud-based security services. By moving these functions to the cloud, Alticor realized benefits including reducing total internet bandwidth by more than 2%, simplifying maintenance and saving valuable IT staff time for strategic initiatives. "Going to the cloud seemed like the next logical step for us," noting that Proofpoint's cloud version offers the same interface as on-premises versions, making the tranisition painless. Other Proofpoint benefits including a strong, easy-to-use GUI, support for international users, good partnerships, the ability to customize email policies, privacy policies and user interfaces for users in different geographies are also described.

Customer Case Study

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