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Proofpoint™ Helps Coen Successfully Protect Their Messaging Infrastructure

Coen needed to save time and limit their liability resulting from workers viewing offensive content from spammers. Coen desiredan anti-spam solution that stopped the non-solicited advertising and inappropriate content while not significantly impacting IT's current budget or resources.

The Proofpoint Protection Server was installed, integrated and operational in Coen's messaging environment in just hours. Immediately after the install, spam rates dropped significantly. And, after simply customizing a few spam detection rules, Coen began seeing unprecedented results.

With Proofpoint, Coen has been able to regain employee's time previously lost to manually fight spam. The solution successfully and automatically identifies about 50% of Coen's incoming email as spam. “The results speak for themselves,” says Michael Parenti, Information Technology Manager at Coen, “The Proofpoint Protection Server has blocked virtually all spam messages with minimal IT overhead, and with almost no false positives.”


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Proofpoint has built a real enterprise solution that combines effectiveness with manageability. The solution has already paid for itself due to the time it's saved me and my team.

Michael Parenti
IT Manager,

adventist HealthNOT JUST SPAM, BUT OFFENSIVE SPAM Over the past 12 months employees at Coen were inundated with spam and it was hampering their use of email for normal business communication. Upon further investigation, it was clear that a large portion of inbound email to executives and employees was actually unwanted spam containing non–business related content—and the amount of spam was ever-increasing at an alarming rate. Employees and executives alike were frustrated at spam's costly impact to their daily operations. To limit their liability and return business productivity, Coen needed to find an anti-spam solution soon, but not one that impacted their currently budgeted resources or required constant maintenance.

After evaluating anti-spam solutions that didn't seem to fit Coen's business, Coen discovered the Proofpoint Protection Server™. In a matter of hours, the server was installed at their messaging gateway to most effectively stop spam from clogging internal networks, employee inboxes and networked storage devices. Proofpoint's solution also consolidated anti-spam and anti-virus solutions to a single server and provided a centralized management console that gave Coen's administrator control over spam detection and virus protection features. “Not only does the solution eliminate spam and viruses,” states Michael, “it practically manages itself, leaving me free to complete other important objectives.”

Proofpoint has made an immediate and positive impact to Coen's business operations by stopping spam and viruses at the gateway. The solution was installed in just a few hours and without downtime to existing infrastructure. Moreover, Proofpoint's Implementation Services representative worked in conjunction with Coen in order to tailor spam detection settings to their business. Today, the Proofpoint Protection Server is correctly identifying and stopping almost 50% of Coen's email traffic—and preventing offensive content from reaching the desks of employees. Praises Parenti, “From the ground up, Proofpoint has built a real enterprise solution that combines effectiveness with manageability. The solution has already paid for itself due to the time it's saved me and my team.”

Since 1912, Coen Company, Inc. has specializedin the design, manufacture, servicing,and maintenance of burner equipment and combustion systems with over 15,000 installations worldwide. Coen's unparalleled commitment to results- oriented engineering keeps them at the forefront of innovation.

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