Case Study: Delete by Design


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With offices around the globe, this customer is considered one of the best professional services firms in the world.

A widely respected global professional services firm faced the enormous challenge of keeping track of the millions of documents and copies created by their employees. Using Proofpoint Enterprise Governance, they were able to mitigate legal and regulatory risk, reduce the cost of eDiscovery, and reduce storage costs.


This global professional services with tens of thousands of employees was facing a difficult challenge: keeping track of the millions of documents and copies their employees created annually. With thousands of engagements each year and a reputation for being the best of the best, this firm needed an information governance solution that was as stellar and unique as the solutions they provided their own clients. The solution couldn't interfere with day-to-day operations, and had to be flexible, trustworthy, and absolutely efficient; all engagement related content had to be tracked, classified, and properly stored or disposed of at the end of engagements. The customer needed to enforce compliant information governance policies to maintain the trust, brand and reputation it had spent so many decades building with clients. It was with these objectives in mind that the customer found Proofpoint Enterprise Governance.


Proofpoint Enterprise Governance leverages a breakthrough model for proactive information governance by tracking and acting on any unstructured information, in-place, regardless of where it is stored. Using patented algorithms for detecting and maintaining a "Digital Thread™," Proofpoint Enterprise Governance acts like both a GPS for documents (it knows where and what they are), and a remote control (it controls their lifecycles by applying policies).

In this firm's workplace, documents originate in many different ways and then morph and proliferate throughout the organization. They typically migrate through users' hard drives, email inboxes, network drives, removable drives, and document repositories. As a Professional Services firm, they have a responsibility to track and dispose of these documents properly, but leaving the implementation of this policy up to their thousands of consultants left them with very low compliance rates.

To drive greater compliance, without changing the consultants work habits, the customer looked to Proofpoint Enterprise Governance. Proofpoint's solution tracks every document copy generated by users wherever they may be. Along the way, it discreetly notes when a new document is created, sent, or duplicated. It enables a document to be classified and then controls its ultimate disposal or retention based on a set of administrator-designed policies. An agent on each Proofpoint Enterprise Governance user's machine preserves the customer's important business intellectual property, destroys working copies, and sweeps final copies to a centralized archive.

At the end of each engagement, each Proofpoint Enterprise Governance user receives email alerts to begin a simple archiving and clean-up process. These emails launch a quick and easy-to-use dashboard that lists all accumulated files for that user, showing them which of these need to be stored and which can be deleted.


Proactive, preventative steps like these are helping this global Professional Services firm and other Proofpoint Enterprise Governance users decrease costs across the board—from potential litigation and eDiscovery fees to significant decreases in backup and storage costs.

This customer produces approximately 100 million documents annually. However, up to 90 percent of these documents do not need to be retained! By effectively disposing of the unnecessary documents, the customer realizes significant savings in storage costs, legal costs and a dramatic reduction in legal risk.

In addition to these considerable fiscal benefits, Proofpoint Enterprise Governance allows the customer to solidify their client trust, as clients know their documents are being stored in a risk-free manner. Additionally, the firm's partners can rest assured, that because of Proofpoint Enterprise Governance, all intellectual property is safe, secure, and easily accessible in any eventuality.


Unlike conventional centralized repositories, Proofpoint Enterprise Governance tracks relationships between copies and versions of documents as they proliferate. As a result, Proofpoint Enterprise Governance can consistently and automatically apply highly targeted, rule-based retention, disposition, and classification policies to manage unstructured information in-place.

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