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adventist HealthEXECUTIVE SUMMARY Franz Lebert & Co. (Lebert) Internationale Spedition GmbH & Co. KG is a complete service provider for logistics, with its headquarters in Kempten, Germany (Allgäu) and four locations in Germany and Switzerland. Lebert offers the complete spectrum of services expected of a modern logistics provider. Their goal is to recognise special requirements of an individual client and to offer specialised, innovative approaches for these clients. The company was founded in 1954 and has since grown into a significant regional shipping company with a worldwide network of partners. This network of providers has expanded the homeland of the Lebert Group, which has led to specialisation in national and international transport services.

In the highly-automated and computerised world of freight transport, one of the most important requirements for effective operation is the ability to quickly sort, classify, and process relevant data, including email. The constantly-rising flood of data can only be managed if effective processing systems are available.

The amount of spam email received by Lebert increased dramatically during the course of 2009 and 2010 and with spam accounting for almost 80% of all incoming messages, a dependable security approach was urgently required. Along with the time lost to view and process these messages, the threat from malware was a serious challenge for system administrators. To tackle these issues, Lebert required a solution that would reduce the time spent by system administrators, not impose unnecessary tasks on users, and lead to an increase in effectiveness.

Simplifying administration was the main goal, and Lebert decided on a virtual deployment of Proofpoint Enterprise Protection to protect the organisation's 400 mailboxes from spam and viruses. Deciding factors were the individual configuration capability of the Proofpoint solution, which allows greater flexibility and time savings in comparison to the incumbent provider where an administrator was required to carry out all of the configuration.

Lebert was looking for an email security solution that offered simple management through individual configuration by employees and a quick return on investment (ROI), along with excellent customer support. More than 400 Lebert employees work across a number of branches using thin clients, making it important for email accounts to be properly managed, and since capacity is limited, spam (including undesired file attachments) cannot be allowed through to clog up individual mailboxes.

Lebert learned about the virtual Proofpoint Enterprise Protection solution through Computerlinks AG University, a Proofpoint distributor. After dealing with hardware issues, such as a very service-intensive proxy server, it was clear that only a virtual approach that operated within the existing VMware environment should be considered. After a successful test phase, Lebert decided to implement Proofpoint Enterprise Protection.

“Our previous solution no longer met the needs of our organisation. Updates were not automatic or regular which meant we weren't protected against evolving spam attacks and suffered constant server crashes. Additionally, complicated customer service procedures proved to be an extreme load on our time and patience,” recalls Stefan Bungartz, IT chief at Lebert.

The virtual appliance solution from Proofpoint offers spam identification, virus protection, and an email firewall that can be customised according to company security directives. Employees can configure this solution themselves and no longer must go through an administrator to catch keywords or to block sending addresses in advance.

“The feedback from our employees has been extremely positive. It simplifies things for each individual, allowing them to decide which types of email messages they would like to receive,” said Bungartz. All incoming emails are subjected to a standard spam detection process. First, all emails go to 'Quarantine.' According to a simple point system based on configured criteria, the pertinent emails are then either labeled as spam, land in the individually-definable user quarantine box, or go to the administrator instead of the employee. After a three-day period, they are irrevocably deleted, which allows emails that were incorrectly labeled as spam to be recovered as necessary. For this, the administrator employs the Smart Search function in Proofpoint Enterprise Protection, which allows them to scan all emails based on specific categories.

Of a total of 20,000 incoming emails per day, only about 4,000 contain company-related information at Lebert. The error rate of the Proofpoint approach is easily visible in that only one or two relevant messages per month are erroneously discarded, resulting in a success rate of almost 100 percent. This provides a quicker ROI since employees no longer spend their time removing spam, but are able to be more productive and focus on the tasks at hand. Also, the solution updates itself spontaneously, installing updates and upgrades in the background, so that IT personnel are able to focus on more strategic IT functions. If any questions or problems do arise, the IT team is able to contact Proofpoint support directly, rather than be passed through a number of system-support companies.

“We have never experienced such personalised support and service. Proofpoint has provided us with direct, fast, and uncomplicated communication, ensuring that issues are resolved quickly,” recalls Bungartz. “The solution also achieves an optimum price-performance ratio, meeting virtually all our specified requirements.”

Based on its positive experience with the Proofpoint Enterprise Protection solution, Lebert has already begun considering the use of Proofpoint's encryption solution, included in the Proofpoint Enterprise Privacy™ Suite. From a client perspective, Proofpoint is particularly well-suited for this since the pertinent encryption function may be seamlessly integrated into the existing virtual Proofpoint appliance. Bungartz adds, “Our intention to provide encryption will soon be realized, and we will be relying on Proofpoint to deliver this.”

ABOUT THE LEBERT CORPORATE GROUP Lebert & Co. is a complete service provider for logistics, with its headquarters in Kempten (Allgäu), Germany and four locations in Germany and Switzerland. The company was founded by Franz Lebert in 1954. The company has since grown to a significant regional shipping company with international reach. Along with ground transport, the corporate group provides logistics services and worldwide transport by sea and air through Lebert-NAVIS übersee Spedition, which is a joint venture with its headquarters in Hamburg.

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