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Located in Springfield, Missouri, Guaranty Bank is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Guaranty Federal Bankshares, Inc.


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adventist HealthEXECUTIVE SUMMARY Federal regulators expect banks to demonstrate how they are managing the risk associated with customer information, specifically the prevention of identity theft and data loss. Guaranty Bank wanted to ensure that it could meet these regulations, while also protecting against and minimizing the risk of data loss.

Prior to deploying the Proofpoint Enterprise Protection and Proofpoint Enterprise Privacy Suites, Guaranty Bank had been using a well-known email security vendor for over three years. Its features were cumbersome and the bank had little control over the system. When the government mandated more stringent regulations for financial organizations, Guaranty Bank decided it was time to look for a solution that would be more user and administrator friendly, with more granular control over outbound messages.

After reviewing vendors, Guaranty Bank selected Proofpoint. Proofpoint features beat out the competitor's risk mitigation capabilities and fulfilled the bank's needs on several fronts. The solution suites enabled the Bank to exercise more control over internal functions such as adding or removing active users. Proofpoint was also less expensive and Guaranty Bank preferred a virtual deployment over a hardware appliance, since it eliminated the issues of maintenance and updates, plus offered business continuity and the backup benefits of a virtual environment.

Because malware incidents far exceed virus infections, they have become a much higher risk for the Bank with long term implications. Proofpoint Enterprise Protection delivered best-in-class, inbound and outbound email security and management features in one costeffective, easy-to-use solution that could be deployed in the Bank's virtual environment. It offered Guaranty Bank peace of mind with multi-layered protection from outside threats.

Within Proofpoint's protection suite is Proofpoint Dynamic Reputation™ technology, providing benefits to the Bank as both a front-end solution and as a filtration medium for additional security applications. It reduces inbound connection volumes by making intelligent decisions about whether to accept, reject or throttle incoming email connections. This significant reduction in spam load assists in curtailing the amount of time lost by employees. With an average of about 5000 rejected messages per day, and assuming that each message passed requires about 30 seconds for each employee to review and make a decision, this equates to approximately 40 hours per day of lost employee time that is now available for more productive tasks.

Data loss prevention was also high on the Bank's must-have list and is an area in which Proofpoint's privacy suite excels. Proofpoint Digital Asset Security™, a component of the suite, keeps valuable corporate assets and confidential information from leaking outside the Bank via email. The solution accurately identifies a wide variety of U.S. and international personal identifiers and financial information. It can secure more than 300 unique document types and extend support to new file types.

Unlike competing solutions, this feature of Proofpoint's privacy suite is more diligent at identifying keywords within the email message itself, and within any attachment, whether it's a PDF file, an Excel file, or a Word document. For example, if there's data that resembles a keyword, an account number, or a social security number embedded within a jpeg file, it's automatically encrypted. This benefits the Bank in several ways:

  • By using a combination of templates, the Bank has been able to interrogate not only the message itself, but any attachments to the message. This helps ensure that any personal or private information contained in the message is encrypted prior to being sent outbound.
  • False positives and undue steps for message recipients have been eliminated because of the ability to “train” the Proofpoint system to recognize specific company documents.
  • Internal employees can “test” a message prior to sending it to check for restricted content and take steps to eliminate the content, if necessary, which saves time in having to address these issues at a later date.

Proofpoint's privacy suite met the Bank's requirements for user-friendly encryption capabilities. Sensitive content is automatically encrypted and decrypted as required, without end users having to use and manage complicated digital certificates or encryption keys. The privacy suite supports the Bank's multiple end user authentication sources and allows the IT department to enable a user to bypass encryption when necessary.

“We have some organizations that have unusual internal network issues. In order to get information to them, you only have a few options. Proofpoint offers users multiple ways to handle files that are hard to open due to network issues,” commented Kenneth Johnston, CIO and vice president of information systems at Guaranty Bank.

In addition, Proofpoint's privacy suite provides Guaranty Bank powerful features that mitigate the risks associated with regulatory violations, data loss and corporate policy violations, without adversely impacting business operations. In addition to a myriad of standard rules, the Bank can also customize rules, which are often created from variations of HIPAA regulations. Managing rules is also easier and faster with Proofpoint's intuitive administrator interface, enabling the Bank's IT department to protect sensitive data behind the scenes while still making it readily available to appropriate affiliates, business partners, and end users.

Proofpoint also offered superior functionality when it came to ease of administration, configuration, and enabling rapid user response. “With Proofpoint, resetting passwords seems to be a lot more intelligent and efficient for the end user. But when the occasional user does call and has a problem, my department can fix it very quickly,” said Johnston. “I also like Proofpoint's log files. They allow me to easily see what users are doing so I can quickly and accurately address any issues.” Previously, if a customer were locked out of an online account, the bank would have to call their vendor and open a support ticket to have the account unlocked, which left the customer without service for up to 24 hours.

Deployment of the various Proofpoint products began mid-2010 in the early part of June and went live the first week of July. The system was up and running within 24 hours after the receipt of the software.

GUARANTY BANK (the “Bank”) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Guaranty Federal Bancshares, Inc (the “Company”), a holding company. The Company's principal business consists of attracting deposits from the general public and using such deposits to originate multi-family, construction and commercial real estate loans, mortgage loans secured by one-to four-family residences, and consumer and business loans. The financial institution is based in Springfield, Missouri, with nine full-service branches and three loan production offices in surrounding counties.

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