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adventist HealthEXECUTIVE SUMMARY Like most enterprises, PETCO was looking for ways to simplify its IT infrastructure and reduce costs using cloud computing technologies. Proofpoint helped PETCO achieve both goals. By moving both inbound email security and outbound email encryption to the cloud, the Proofpoint solutions have enabled PETCO's IT department to focus on the core needs of the pet care business, while reaping the immediate bottom line benefits of cloud computing, such as decreased datacenter cooling, power and IT administration costs.

Previously, this leading pet specialty retailer protected its large base of email users with Proofpoint email security appliances deployed on-premises for anti-spam and anti-virus protection, integrated with appliances for email encryption. After evaluating Proofpoint's SaaS solutions and realizing the scalability and total cost of ownership benefits, PETCO made the decision to secure its edge email system in the cloud.

As a company with a focus in pet care, not technology, PETCO decided that building, owning, and running their own datacenters was not the right answer for their IT strategy. Yet, with thousands of suppliers and partners, including security conscious investment firms and the need to meet compliance mandates like SOX, moving to a cloud email solution required security that was nothing less than rock solid.

"IT departments at retailers like PETCO are faced with numerous challenges, including supporting end users, managing increasingly complex infrastructures, and ensuring compliance with data protection and privacy regulations," said Peter Galvin, chief marketing officer, Proofpoint. "Proofpoint's SaaS email security and compliance solutions help these organizations get back to focusing on their businesses' core priorities, rather than having to worry about security. After years of success using Proofpoint's appliance-based solution, PETCO now achieves that same level of security and control in the cloud, while reducing costs and simplifying ongoing maintenance."

Policybased encryption was a top IT priority for PETCO to ensure secure communications with business partners, investors and suppliers. After evaluating different vendors, PETCO determined that Proofpoint Enterprise Privacy offered the industry's most powerful and flexible solution for policy-driven email encryption to easily manage regulatory violations, data loss and corporate policy violations without adversely impacting business operations. Ease of use was also an important factor.

After a deployment involving varying levels of user sophistication, using Proofpoint Encryption was transparent to PETCO users. It automatically encrypts and decrypts sensitive content as required, without end users having to use and manage complicated digital certificates or encryption keys. As a result, end users don't need to take any special action to take advantage of encryption features, and content security policies are consistently and accurately applied on an as-needed basis.

By providing both Transport Layer Security (TLS) and policy-based encryption of individual email messages, Proofpoint Encryption helped PETCO protect personally identifiable information (PII) and confidential information in emails, as well as comply with various data security regulations, including PCI, Sarbanes-Oxley and FTC rules.

Inbound email security was also important. Over the past couple of years, the rising volume of botnet-propagated spam has resulted in organizations like PETCO receiving more email traffic than ever. Proofpoint Spam Detection™, included in the Proofpoint Enterprise Protection email security suite, delivers the most powerful and accurate approach to detecting and eliminating all types of spam. Proofpoint combines the most effective spam filtering methods to deliver the industry's highest anti-spam effectiveness (99.8%+) and lowest rate of false positives.

"One area where Proofpoint's solution really excels is customization," said Lyndon Brown, IT director at PETCO. "Every company has unique needs and Proofpoint Enterprise Protection is extremely flexible and nimble with respect to creating custom email policies. It offers much more control than any of the other SaaS email security offerings that I have seen. Proofpoint Enterprise Protection gives us the same level of control in the cloud as with the on-premises version, but with all the advantages of SaaS."

PETCO is a privately held specialty retailer that provides products and services to pet owners. The Company has more than 22,000 associates, carries up to 10,000 different pet-related items, operates more than 1,000 brick and mortar stores in all 50 states throughout the United States.

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