PCI-DSS and Email Security: Securing Cardholder Data and Your Email Systems

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Email continues to be the number one source of data loss risks and if your organization handles or processes credit card data, you need to ensure that your email system complies with strict Payment Card Industry standards for data security (PCI-DSS). New data loss prevention and email encryption technologies can help protect cardholder data—and other confidential financial information—from improper exposure while also enabling secure communication with your customers and business partners.

Download PCI-DSS and Email Security: Securing Cardholder Data and Your Email Systems to learn how email security technologies can help your organization’s compliance with PCI-DSS. We’ll give real-world examples of how Proofpoint customers use our integrated email encryption and data loss prevention technologies to tackle a wide variety of compliance challenges, securely transmit sensitive data via email and improve the levels of service and convenience they deliver to their customers.

Listen to the webinar replay to learn about:

  • How PCI-DSS protocols apply to the security of your organization’s email system
  • Automated methods that can accurately detect and stop both inadvertent and malicious leaks of PCI cardholder data
  • How to meet PCI virus scanning requirements—including the detection and removal of malware, phishing attacks and unwanted spam—using the same policy-based platform that detects and encrypts cardholder information
  • How to produce automated reports to easily track and monitor activities, incidents and trends associated with your company’s outbound electronic communications
  • Why automatic, policy-based email encryption can provide effective protection for sensitive information without the hassles associated with traditional public key cryptography, and why it should be should be a central part of your approach to compliance
  • Why cloud-based security services, and security appliances supported by a services-oriented architecture, can help ensure all system components have the latest updates and remain in compliance
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