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Interact & Govern Your Corporate Data Wherever It Lives: Bringing archiving and information governance together

Organizations invest valuable time and resources into creating infrastructure and processes to protect documents, safeguard information resources, and manage the associated business risks. While some organizations’ retained documents make their way to centralized repositories, what about transitory documents lying on employee’s hard drives, e-mail inboxes, shared drives, and removable media?

Download the on-demand webinar, Interact & Govern Your Corporate Data Wherever It Lives: Bringing archiving and information governance together, to hear from industry experts Randy Kahn and Darren Lee as they discuss the forces driving increased focus on proactive information management and how organizations balance both approaches to provide a unified solution to resolve regulatory and legal requirements. This webinar covers:

  • Impact of Cloud: how to address legal discovery and regulatory compliance and how to assess vendor abilities
  • How archives can address policy and preservation obligations for high-value business communications
  • How in-place information governance solutions can mitigate risks associated with in-process working documents residing outside of managed repositories

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Featured Speakers:

Randy Kahn
Randy Kahn*
Founder and Principal
Kahn Consulting

Darren Lee
Darren Lee
VP, Archive and Governance
Proofpoint, Inc.

*Randolph Kahn, Esq., is a internationally recognized authority on the legal, compliance and policy issues of business information, electronic records, e-business processes, and information technology. As founder and principal of Kahn Consulting Inc., Randy Kahn advises corporate counsels, information management and information technology professionals in both government and corporate institutions on policy issues related to the management of digital information and electronic records.
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