Webinar Replay: BlueCross BlueShield Case Study

Best Practices and Critical Steps to Protect and Secure Sensitive Data

With the number of healthcare privacy regulations requiring corporate email compliance and security on the rise, email encryption solutions are being applied broadly across organizations in an attempt to reduce the risks of a costly data breach due to encrypted data loss. BlueCross BlueShield organizations and other leading healthcare institutions are using these email encryption technologies to ensure message privacy, enforce internal policies, and comply with data protection and privacy regulations, including HIPAA /HITECH regulatory compliance, to protect valuable intellectual property. However, without robust policy-based encryption strategy, organizations are still at a significant risk for non-compliance and leakage of sensitive and confidential patient data - at rest and in transit.

Download webinar replay, BlueCross BlueShield Case Study: Best Practices and Critical Steps to Protect and Secure Sensitive Data and learn how our current Blue Cross/Blue Shield customers use Proofpoint for the most effective approach to applying next generation, easy-to-use, policy-based encryption to ensure their sensitive and private information is always secure - on their desktops and mobile devices. Proofpoint's security expert, Ken Liao, will dive into how these encryption policies work to protect their critical healthcare data across each organization.

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This webinar covers:

  • Best practices for creating the right policies for data privacy and encryption including risk analysis
  • How to extend a protection strategy to protect sensitive data, in all formats, across the entire organization
  • Why applying encryption technologies incorrectly or blindly can provide a false sense of security and put your data at a continued risk of exposure
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