Targeted Attacks on Your Key Employees

On-Demand Webinar: How to respond to targeted attempts to steal sensitive enterprise data

Data thieves are getting smarter. Their weapon of choice is no longer mass-delivered email exploits that attempt to evade signature and reputation-based detection. Armed with information and research from the web and social networks, increasingly these thieves are using low-volume, personalized, and highly targeted attacks on key employees.

These attacks are designed to avoid detection by traditional security approaches, and have a high success rate of tricking recipients. Even the most innocent-looking emails can end up compromising data security by installing various kinds of advanced malware, causing harm to brand reputation and threatening the overall security of your organization. A solution to such targeted attacks has eluded the security industry for over a decade− until now.

Download the on-demand webinar, Targeted Attacks on Your Key Employees: How to respond to targeted attempts to steal sensitive enterprise data, as spear-phishing expert, Steve Eddy, shares insight on this problem that is top-of-mind for all CISOs. Learn how enterprises can take control of any targeted attack situation with full visibility into identifying and combating elusive spear-phishing attacks.

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This webinar will cover:

Proofpoint's latest product, Proofpoint Targeted Attack Protection™, which combines Big Data driven e-mail security, Web security and malware analysis technologies into a single comprehensive defense, including:
  • Identification of Suspected Targeted Attacks
  • Persistent Defense Against Malicious URLs
  • Attack Visibility, Remediation and Response

Featured Speaker

Steve Eddy
Steve Eddy
Senior Product Manager
Proofpoint, Inc.
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