Big Data Solutions to Enterprise Data Security Challenges

Learn how Big Data analysis techniques gives enterprises the data security they need to withstand today’s highly customized inbound attacks

Phishing Big Data Solutions to Enterprise Data Security Challenges
Enterprises today are exposed to an ever-broadening range of IT security threats, from basic annoyances such as auto-emailed viruses, to targeted phishing-style attacks that trick employees into clicking on dangerous links that install malware, steal credentials, or in some other way jeopardize the security of the enterprise.

As threats have evolved over time, new approaches to threat detection and remediation have become necessary for organizations that are at risk. Proofpoint’s security-as-a-service platform applies Big Data analysis techniques to deliver comprehensive security against even the most elusive inbound threats, such as phishing attacks designed to steal corporate data.

Read this paper to learn:

  • Why Advanced Persistent Threats (APT) and stealthy low-volume attacks are on the rise.
  • How Hadoop and other Big Data technologies are used to address the challenges
    of detecting and defeating inbound IT attacks.
  • How Proofpoint can detect message anomalies in real time to stop low-volume phishing attacks even before they strike.

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Proofpoint Targeted Attack Protection™ deploys an array of advanced technologies including big data analysis techniques, URL interception, and malware sandboxing to provide unprecedented protection that follows messages and users wherever they go – whether they’re behind the corporate firewall or off the corporate network, on mobile devices, or public terminals.
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