Enterprise Hadoop:
The Emerging Core of Big Data

Complimentary Forrester Report on Big Data Analytics

Forrester Report: Enterprise Hadoop: The Emerging Core of Big Data"Big data" is one of the most commonly heard buzzwords in IT today. Vendors such as Proofpoint are making increasing use of big data technologies to analyze extreme volumes and varieties of data. In Proofpoint's case, big data analytics enables the delivery of new, cloud-based threat protection solutions (such as Proofpoint Targeted Attack Protection).

But what, exactly, is "big data"? And why is it so important to today's enterprise?

This report is no longer available from Proofpoint. As an alternative, you may be interested in the following two Forrester reports, currently available from us:

Forrester report offer: Enterprise Hadoop: The Emerging Core of Big Data

About this Report

Forrester defines big data as "referring to technologies, techniques and skills for handling data on an extreme scale" — and doing so with agility and affordability.

This report, by Forrester analyst James G. Kobielus, provides a good overview of the use of big data in today's enterprise and explains how and why organizations are using Hadoop, a massively parallel cloud environment for performing advanced analytics.

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