Email Encryption White Papers: Protecting Enterprise Data with Proofpoint Encryption

Plus: Osterman Research Report on Email Encryption

email encryption white paperLearn more about Proofpoint Encryption, Proofpoint’s easy-to-deploy and easy-to-use policy-based email encryption solution and why email encryption is a critical component of today’s email security solutions.

These free email encryption whitepapers from Proofpoint and Osterman Research discuss key issues around the encryption of both email and file transfer systems, some of the leading statutes that require sensitive content to be encrypted, and suggestions for moving forward with encryption.

Read these whitepapers to learn about:

  • How email encryption plays a critical role in data loss prevention.
  • Challenges associated with deploying traditional email encryption solutions.
  • How Proofpoint Encryption eliminates key management, administration and end-user adoption issues associated with traditional email encryption solutions.
  • Recent regulatory changes and data protection trends that have made email encryption a "must have" technology in today's enterprise.
  • A three-step process for protecting private data and deploying encryption technology.
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About Proofpoint Email Encryption Solutions

Proofpoint's email security and compliance solutions incorporate a variety of encryption technologies that help enterprises meet the increasingly stringent regulatory requirements around protecting confidential information at rest and in transit.

Features include policy-based encryption for email messages, TLS encryption for secure gateway-to-gateway email transmission, patented DoubleBlind encryption for email archiving and a complete solution for securely transmitting large or sensitive files without impacting your email infrastructure.

Proofpoint’s next-generation email security and data loss prevention solution, Proofpoint Enterprise Privacy, delivers integrated data loss prevention and email encryption features powered by Proofpoint Encryption and the Proofpoint Key Service™. Proofpoint’s policy-based email encryption solution can be deployed as part of the Proofpoint Enterprise™ SaaS offerings or on-premises with Proofpoint’s appliance, virtual appliance and software versions.
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