Is Now the Time to Deploy Email Encryption?

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According to a September 2009 Proofpoint/Osterman Research survey, 77% of enterprise IT professionals say that they have, or intend to, deploy email encryption, but 21% aren't sure when... With an escalating number of large fines being levied against corporations that don't comply with data protection regulations and the constant stream of news stories about companies that fail to properly protect private data now might be right the time to deploy data loss prevention and email encryption in your organization.

Listen to the Proofpoint web seminar, Is Now the Time to Deploy Email Encryption?, to learn about changes in the regulatory environment and technology breakthroughs that are driving adoption of email encryption technology.

Download this replay to learn:

  • The impact of new state data privacy laws on email security policies and why automatic, policy-based, email encryption should be a central part of your approach to compliance
  • How your organization can send financial statements, patient health information or other sensitive material securely through email, ensuring compliance with regulations including GLBA, HIPAA, HITECH and PCI guidelines
  • How leading organizations use email encryption to ensure message privacy, enforce internal policies, comply with data protection and privacy regulations and protect valuable intellectual property
  • How your email users can transmit sensitive data via email while operating more efficiently and improving the levels of service and convenience they deliver to their customers
  • How user- and IT-friendly policy-based encryption technology eliminates the hassles associated with traditional encryption methods and makes encryption effortless
  • Detailed information about Proofpoint's new, SaaS-enabled email encryption solution and how it can help address your organization's data privacy needs
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About Proofpoint Email Encryption Solutions

Proofpoint's email security and compliance solutions incorporate a variety of encryption technologies that help enterprises meet the increasingly stringent regulatory requirements around protecting confidential information at rest and in transit.

Features include policy-based encryption for email messages, TLS encryption for secure gateway-to-gateway email transmission, patented DoubleBlind encryption for email archiving and a complete solution for securely transmitting large or sensitive files without impacting your email infrastructure.

Proofpoint’s next-generation email security platform delivers integrated data loss prevention and email encryption features powered by Proofpoint Encryption and Proofpoint Key Service™. Proofpoint’s policy-based email encryption solution can be deployed as part of the Proofpoint Enterprise™ SaaS offerings or on-premises with Proofpoint’s appliance, virtual appliance and software versions.
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