Five Steps To Build an Effective Threat Intelligence Capability

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Forrester Report on Security: Five Steps to Build an Effective Threat Intelligence CapabilityTo say that the threat landscape is overwhelming is the understatement of the year: Targeted attacks are on the rise with increasing sophistication, and most organizations' detection and response capabilities are woefully inadequate. Advanced persistent threats, espionage, spear phishing, and disrupted denial of service attacks dominate the headlines.

Against today's mutating threat landscape and sophisticated cybercriminals, security and risk professionals are outgunned and outmatched. The traditional strategy of waiting for an alert and then responding to a compromise is futile against 21st century threat actors. Today's security professionals must proactively defend their networks and data.

In this January 2013 report from analyst firm Forrester, security analyst Rick Holland draws on the principles of military intelligence to suggest a five-step process to build and leverage threat intelligence capabilities. Read this report to learn:

  • Why the scale, frequency, and sophistication of attacks and data breaches will continue to increase in 2013 and beyond.
  • Why you cannot simply "buy" threat intelligence.
  • How organizations of all sizes can take advantage of intelligence to minimize the frequency and scope of security incidents.
  • A five-step road map for improving your organization's threat intelligence capabilities.

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Forrester report offer: Five Steps to Build an Effective Threat Intelligence Capability

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