Holiday Threats: Why Fruitcake is the Least of Your Worries

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Holiday Threats
As the holiday season approaches, spammers and scammers will once again use the increased volume of valid commercial email during the holidays as a “cover” for their messages, making it easier to deceive people into responding to fraudulent email. And with that surge of inbound threats comes an increased risk of compromised systems and reputation damage caused by spam and malware leaving your organization without your knowing.

Download Holiday Threats: Why Fruitcake is the Least of Your Worries as Proofpoint email security expert Steve Eddy discusses how you can protect your organization and email users from these most unwelcome season’s greetings.

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Download this webinar to learn:

  • The newest techniques used by spammers and phishers that you can expect to see in abundance this holiday season, including the latest blended threats and social media exploits
  • Some of the “old school” tricks that are making a comeback and why they’re more dangerous than ever
  • How not being properly protected against inbound threats can jeopardize your PCI compliance, and why outbound spam and virus protection is essential in today’s threat landscape
  • Best practices for user education, mail server configuration and protecting your infrastructure from email-borne threats

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