Proofpoint MLX Technology Whitepaper

Proofpoint MLX: Machine Learning to Beat Spam Today and Tomorrow

anti-spam whitepaperMounting an effective defense against spam requires detection techniques that can evolve as quickly as the attacks themselves. Without the ability to automatically adapt to detect new types of threats, an anti-spam solution will always be a step behind the spammers.

Proofpoint MLX™ technology leverages the latest machine learning techniques to provide a revolutionary spam detection system that analyzes millions of messages to automatically adjust its detection algorithms to identify even the newest spam attacks without manual tuning or administrator intervention.

This whitepaper explains how Proofpoint MLX technology provides unrivalled defense against spam. This revised and updated version, published March 2010, contains new information on the latest inbound email threats, recent spam trends and Proofpoint's latest technology innovations for accurately identifying spam, phishing attacks and other email-borne threats.

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Email security whitepaper: Proofpoint MLX Technology

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