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Outbound Email and Data Loss Prevention in Today's Enterprise, 2010

email security and data loss prevention reportHow concerned are companies about the content of email leaving their organizations? And how do companies manage the legal and financial risks associated with outbound email? To find out, Proofpoint and Osterman Research conducted an online survey of technology decision makers at 261 large US companies during June and July 2010.

This report summarizes the findings of Proofpoint's seventh-annual email security and data loss prevention study, including surprising statistics about how large companies manage the risks associated with outbound email, blog postings, media sharing sites, social media, mobile devices and other electronic communications streams.

New topics in this year's survey include data risks related to short message services such as Twitter and a look at how the global economic recession is affecting data security.

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Data loss prevention and email security report from Proofpoint, 2010 edition.

About Proofpoint's Outbound Email Security and Data Loss Prevention Survey

Download your free copy of this 2010 Proofpoint survey report and learn:

  • The top enterprise concerns about outbound email
  • Techniques these companies use to reduce outbound email risks
  • How much outbound email and social media contains "risky" content
  • What percentage of companies employ staff to read outbound email
  • Email and other security policies adopted by large corporations
  • How many companies have fired employees for email policy violations
  • How many companies have fired employees for blog, message board and social media policy violations
  • How common are email leaks of intellectual property
  • How common are email violations of privacy regulations
  • How common are leaks of confidential information facilitated by blogs, message-boards, social networking and social media
  • Perceptions about data loss risk related to SaaS and cloud computing
  • Adoption rates for various content scanning, encryption, email archiving and other data loss prevention technologies including SaaS and cloud computing

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