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Outbound Email and Content Security in Today's Enterprise, 2006

While a great deal is known about inbound message-borne threats — including spam and viruses — relatively little attention has been paid to the issue of outbound email content.

How concerned are companies about the content of email leaving their organizations? How do companies manage the legal and financial risks associated with outbound email? In May 2006, Proofpoint and Forrester Consulting (a division of leading analyst firm Forrester) conducted an online survey of technology decision makers at 294 large US companies and 112 large UK companies to find the answers to these questions.

This report summarizes the findings of the 2006 study, including surprising statistics about how large companies manage the risks associated with email sent from their organizations.

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Outbound Email Security and Content Compliance

Email has emerged as the most important medium for communications both inside and outside the enterprise. But the convenience and ubiquity of email as a business communications tool has exposed enterprises to a wide variety of new risks associated with outbound email. Download your free copy of this report and learn:

  • The top enterprise concerns about outbound email
  • Techniques these companies use to reduce outbound email risks
  • How much email contains "risky" content
  • The most common forms of non-compliant email content
  • What percentage of companies employ staff to read outbound email
  • The email policies adopted by large corporations
  • How many companies have fired employees for email policy violations
  • How many companies have fired employees for blog policy violations
  • How common are email leaks of intellectual property
  • How common are email violations of privacy regulations
  • How common are blog and message-board leaks of confidential information

Enterprises are becoming increasingly concerned about creating, managing and enforcing outbound email policies that ensure that messages leaving the organization comply with both internal rules as well as external regulations.

Proofpoint helps customers gain control over their inbound email streams by eliminating spam and viruses, but also helps enforce corporate and external policies related to outbound email, reducing the risk of unauthorized communications such as:

  • Confidential material that could be damaging in the hands of a competitor
  • Offensive or restricted content, such as pornography or copyrighted material
  • Financial information that could breach securities regulations and/or negatively impact a company's stock price
  • Customer or patient information that could violate privacy policies or regulations such as Sarbanes-Oxley, HIPAA and Gramm-Leach-Bliley.
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