The Path to SaaS: Transitioning Email Security & Compliance Functions to the Cloud

Proofpoint Cloud-based Email Security SolutionsCloud computing-based applications—such as Proofpoint’s SaaS email security, DLP and archiving solutions—offer clear cost benefits, including freeing up critical IT resources. But even with these benefits, some enterprises remain concerned about moving from “tried-and-true” on-premises appliances or software to cloud-based solutions. Concerns about the security of data at rest and in transit, availability and scalability sometimes hinder the adoption of “Security-as-a-Service” solutions in today’s enterprise.

How concerned should you be? And how can you minimize these risks while reaping the benefits of cloud computing?

Download The Path to SaaS: Transitioning Email Security & Compliance Functions to the Cloud to learn:

  • What are pros and cons of Security-as-a-Service, and the tradeoffs between on-premises, hybrid and SaaS deployment models
  • How taking “the path to SaaS” can improve compliance and deliver superior security over purely on-premises approaches
  • The top criteria for evaluating the quality and security of cloud-based service providers, with a focus on the unique requirements for email security, email archiving and data loss prevention
  • Real-world examples of what leading organizations have learned from moving their email security to the cloud, and the benefits that they have realized
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SaaS email privacy and security web seminar

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Featured Speaker:

Rami Habal
Rami Habal,
Director, Product Marketing

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