Protect Your Competitive Advantage by Protecting Your Intellectual Property from Cybercriminals

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Forrester Report on Cybercrime: Protect Your Competitive Advantage by Protecting Your Intellectual Property from CybercriminalsProtecting customer data such as credit card information, log-in credentials, and personally identifiable information is an important part of enterprise IT security. Such data fuels a large and lucrative underground market economy.

However, as the threat landscape continues to evolve, CISOs must adjust their risk management strategies accordingly to counter the next frontier: intellectual property theft. As costly as the breach of customer data may be, the breach of intellectual property can be far worse.

This report investigates common ways that data is stolen from organizations today, the cost of inadequate data security, and what organizations must do to protect their data. Read this July 2012 Forrester research report (by analyst Heidi Shey) to learn:

  • How corporate data fuels a sophisticated underground market economy.
  • Why data security and privacy remain a business imperative... And how intellectual property theft raises the stakes.
  • Why prebreach planning and cost analysis is a critical initiative today.

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Forrester report offer: Protect Your Competitive Advantage By Protecting Your Intellectual Property From Cybercriminals

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