Whitepaper: Next-generation Reputation Technology

Proofpoint Dynamic Reputation and netMLX

connection management whitepaperFor most organizations, inbound message volumes (composed primarily of spam email) continue to increase rapidly. This continuing rise in email volume presents a new challenge for organizations. How can they most effectively manage this increased message volume and reduce the impact of massive spam storms without “breaking the bank?”

Reputation services are a natural component of any email security solution because they can shed large amounts of mail traffic at the connection level. Effective email security solutions should be able to deliver 99% or higher anti-spam effectiveness, with 80% or higher volume shed rates at the connection level. This level of spam accuracy can be delivered by a powerful anti-spam technology, while this level of shed rates can be delivered by a reliable reputation service.

Download this whitepaper from Proofpoint, Inc. to learn:

  • How reputation services can help reduce inbound email traffic without requiring additional hardware.
  • How Proofpoint has applied advanced, machine learning techniques to the problem of assessing the reputation of email senders.
  • The advantages of a hybrid global/local approach to email reputation.
  • How Proofpoint Dynamic Reputation works to reduce email connection volumes by 80% or more.
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About Proofpoint

Proofpoint focuses exclusively on the art and science of Software as-a-Service (SaaS) and hybrid email security, management, and compliance solutions. Organizations around the world depend on Proofpoint’s expertise, patented technologies and on-demand delivery system to protect against spam and viruses, safeguard privacy, encrypt sensitive information, and archive messages for easier management and discovery. Proofpoint’s enterprise email solutions mitigate the challenges and amplify the benefits of enterprise messaging.

About Proofpoint Dynamic Reputation
The Proofpoint Enterprise Protection email security suite includes the industry’s most powerful connection management features, powered by Proofpoint Dynamic Reputation™ technology. Proofpoint Dynamic Reputation is the only email reputation service that uses a combination of local data and global reputation—analyzed by powerful machine learning algorithms—to block connections from malicious IP addresses. It provides enterprises with an accurate, first line of defense against spam, directory harvest, denial-of-service and other email-borne attacks while delivering substantial bandwidth savings.
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