No More FTP: Eliminate FTP and Email Attachment Issues

Free Whitepaper: Learn More About Proofpoint's Approach to Secure File Transfer

secure file transfer whitepaperToday’s business environment requires ad hoc and instantaneous sharing of information. Systems for sending large files have not kept pace with the needs of today’s enterprise, where increasingly large and sophisticated business documents, files and media need to be quickly transmitted and shared with coworkers, business partners and customers around the world.

Existing solutions for sending large files fall short in several regards: Email does not handle large files efficiently and FTP is too difficult to manage, administer and use. End users often resort to time-consuming workarounds such as burning CDs or using unapproved (and uncontrolled) technologies such as third-party file transfer services or instant messaging.

But new technologies for secure file transfer can eliminate these problems. Download this free whitepaper from Proofpoint and learn:

  • Why conventional FTP and email attachment methods are no longer the preferred solution for large file transmission
  • The security and compliance risks associated with traditional file transfer methods
  • The pros and cons of different file transfer methods
  • Regulatory compliance benefits of an appliance-based approach to secure file transfer
  • How Proofpoint Secure File Transfer makes it easy and secure for users to send large or sensitive files, while reducing IT admin and email infrastructure costs
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About Proofpoint Secure File Transfer

The Proofpoint Secure File Transfer™ module adds robust and secure large file transfer capabilities to your Proofpoint deployment. It lets end users send large files (or files that require enhanced security) quickly and easily — while minimizing the impact of large attachments on your email infrastructure.

Proofpoint Secure File Transfer enables increased user productivity, cost-effective management of email infrastructure and better management of email attachments. The module offers enhanced security and compliance benefits versus sending files as email attachments, while eliminating frustrations with alternative file transfer methods such as secure FTP.

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