On-Demand Webinar: Effective eDiscovery Response

How organizations can regain control over unmanaged information

email archiving webinarAs witnessed by the recent Samsung and Rambus decisions, it is clear that organizations have specific obligations to retain relevant business communications. Getting ahead of eDiscovery by proactively managing information sounds simple enough, but today, information is everywhere, and much of it is unstructured, transitory, or infrequently accessed. So, what can organizations do to be prepared to meet their eDiscovery obligations – without following the expensive and risky strategy of keeping everything?

Download this on-demand webinar to learn about specific steps organizations are taking to address today’s challenges of managing information for effective eDiscovery response. You will learn about:

  • The growth of unmanaged information - and how organizations are regaining control over unique information residing on laptops, files shares, and Sharepoint
  • The unique challenges of enforcing content disposition policies – and how to break through the ‘store everything just in case’ mindset
  • Methods available to create and enforce content retention and classification strategies
  • Best practices in regaining control over information, highlighting the insights of industry luminary Randy Kahn

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Featured Speakers:

Randy Kahn
Randy Kahn*
Founder and Principal
Kahn Consulting

James Seeley
James Seeley
VP, Governance
Proofpoint, Inc.

*Randolph Kahn, Esq., is a internationally recognized authority on the legal, compliance and policy issues of business information, electronic records, e-business processes, and information technology. As founder and principal of Kahn Consulting Inc., Randy Kahn advises corporate counsels, information management and information technology professionals in both government and corporate institutions on policy issues related to the management of digital information and electronic records.
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