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Email Security Threats Trend Report

Zombies, Spammers, Fraudsters and Malware Writers

This July 2008 report from Proofpoint and Commtouch reviews spam and malware levels which remain high as millions of zombie computers actively sent spam and email-based malware everyday during Q2 2008. Spam levels throughout the second quarter averaged 77%, ranging from a low of 64% to a peak of 94% of all email towards the end of the quarter.

Download this free report and learn about the rapidly changing state of malware distribution and why signature-based anti-virus protection alone cannot fully protect today's enterprise.

email security and data loss prevention report

Report on Data Loss Prevention Solutions for the Enterprise

Outbound Email and Content Security in Today's Enterprise, 2008

How concerned are companies about the content of email leaving their organizations? And how do companies manage the legal and financial risks associated with outbound email?

To find out, Proofpoint and Forrester Consulting (a division of leading analyst firm Forrester) conducted an online survey of technology decision makers at 424 large companies — in the US, UK, Germany, France and Australia — during March 2008.

This report summarizes the findings of Proofpoint's fifth-annual email security and data loss prevention study, including surprising statistics about how large companies manage the risks associated with outbound email. Download this free report.

email regulations whitepaper

HIPAA Email Whitepaper: Regulations Shift Focus on Outbound Email Security

The Impact of HIPAA, PCI, PIIG and Other New Government and Industry Guidelines on Email Security Policies

Enterprises today deal with an ever-increasing number of email-related threats. Most are familiar with the problems of virus-infected email attachments and productivity-draining spam, but now companies must also address the threats posed by outbound email.

In this paper, we discuss the impact of relatively new data protection regulations and standards such as the Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standard (DSS) and the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) Personally Identifiable Information Guidelines (PIIG), which place new constraints on how data is stored, processed, and transmitted over email. Download this free report.

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