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If you're like most companies, you already have an existing email archiving or eDiscovery solution in place, either on premises or in the cloud. Like most of our customers, your email archiving solution worked fine when it was first implemented and deployed. But over time, as the amount of data grows, performance becomes more challenging, always slower and often yielding unpredictable results – unless you continue to feed it additional storage, hardware, processing power, and elbow grease.

If any of these issues apply to you, it's time to look at alternative email solutions. Some of the benefits customers have gained after switching to Proofpoint Enterprise Archive include:

  • Sustainably fast email search performance – guaranteed
  • On-premises grade security, in the cloud – unique and patented
  • Simplified administration and easier maintenance
  • Consistent, predictable and defensible search results
  • Encryption and privacy of your archived data
  • Over-all lower total cost of ownership

If you are considering a switch, Proofpoint will migrate all your archived data to Proofpoint Enterprise Archive, whether it is from PST files or an existing archive solution. Proofpoint works with its customers to define a legacy email archive migration strategy in order to reduce the over-all cost and complexity of the migration process.

Proofpoint vs:

How We Compare to On-Premises Email Archive Solutions

Today, companies are struggling to deal with the growth of information, both within their firewalls and increasingly within unmanaged data sources such as social media channels, instant messaging platforms, and collaborative tools. However, available email archiving options have entailed compromise. Email archiving solutions deployed on-premises continue to face the same challenges as first generation email archiving products deployed 3-4 years ago – expensive, difficult to manage, and performance that deteriorates over time. Alternatively, cloud-based hosted email archive solutions often lack functionality or security capabilities that meet the standards required by organizations faced with complex regulatory or discovery needs.

The comparisons below highlight how Proofpoint Enterprise Archive can overcome the challenges of on-premises email archives, without introducing the limitations of 'pure' cloud hosted email archiving products.

Proofpoint vs. On-Premises Archive On-Premises Proofpoint

Real-time Search with SLA-backed guarantee

Proofpoint provides a grid-based email storage infrastructure that allows Proofpoint to distribute processing burden and add capacity on demand. This model of email storage delivers a consistent level of performance – both at the initial stages, as well as over time as archive data volumes grow. Proofpoint uniquely backs this performance with a search performance SLA stating that searches are executed in 20 seconds or less.

Low, Predictable Costs

As a SaaS-based email archiving service, Proofpoint eliminates the hardware, storage, and infrastructure expense that is associated with on-premises email archives. Customers have experienced a 40-60% reduction in cost of ownership through the use of Proofpoint Enterprise Archive over a three year period.

Easy Administration

Proofpoint provides a fully managed email archive service, thus eliminating most of the hassles of on-premises email archives. Proofpoint manages all upgrades, enhancements, and remotely monitors the health of the archiving service. In fact, Proofpoint is the only SaaS-based email archiving service to have achieved SSAE16 Type II certification – both the service itself as well as the data centers that the service operates within.

Proofpoint Enterprise Archive is built upon a next generation architecture that uniquely delivers the manageability and cost advantages of SaaS, while delivering on the high security and functionality requirements of those who need fast and secure access to information.

Unlike on-premises and hosted email archive solutions, Proofpoint is unique in applying the company's industry leadership in protecting critical communication to address the challenges of discovery, compliance, and information governance.

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Cloud-Based Archiving vs. On-Premises Archiving: Learn how Proofpoint delivers a lower TCO than legacy on-premises archiving products.

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