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Proofpoint Enterprise Archive is a single, unified solution for eDiscovery, regulatory compliance, and end-user information access.

Proofpoint Enterprise Archive is:

  • Faster: Only Proofpoint is 10x faster, guaranteed to deliver results in seconds through an innovative grid storage architecture and parallel search technology.
  • Most Secure: Only Proofpoint has DoubleBlind™ Key Architecture to ensure that you hold the keys, providing protection against data breaches and legal discovery challenges .
  • Comprehensive: Global, Mobile and Social capabilities to give real time information access legal and compliance teams - as well as end users.

Retain – Robust Policy Management Capabilities

Proofpoint Enterprise Archive provides powerful policy management capabilities that ensure that archived data is kept for only as long as you are required to keep it. Email archiving policies can be defined at granular levels, such as longer retention for executive management or shorter retention for a German subsidiary with specific local regulatory requirements. Flexible policy management ensures that email archiving policies can evolve as regulatory or internal requirements change, and with a full history of policies accessible for audit and reporting purposes. When archived data has reached the end of its retention period, it can be defensibly disposed by authorized officers with complete record of actions taken.

How email archiving policies are applied to archived data

When email data are added to the archive, it is evaluated against the set of retention policies that are active at that time and then assigned a target disposition month based on the retention period.

How many unique archiving policies can be created

An unlimited number of retention policies can be created, based upon business unit, Active Directory group membership, or other criteria.

How retention periods can be changed

Email archiving policies can be changed by authorized users by adding new policy entries and activating those policies. Once an item has been archived, it is retained for the retention policy that was in effect at the time of archival, and cannot be altered by users or administrators to aid in process defensibility.

Applying unique archiving policies to individual items

Through the use of the InfoTag feature, individual messages can be tagged based upon subject, body, header, attachment, sent to, received by, or other attributes. This allows unique data archiving policies to be assigned to items meeting those criteria, and enabling those items to be excluded or isolated in search results. As an example, items sent from inside counsel to outside law firms can be marked as "Privileged".

Managing disposition

When content reaches the end of its disposition period, authorized officers will be notified of the information that is eligible for disposition for that time period. The officer can then click ‘dispose’, which eliminates the customer-specific encryption key for this content and renders that information irretrievable. Automated policy enforcement also ensures all instances of this information are disposed from the archive.

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