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Proofpoint Enterprise Governance enables organizations to track, classify, monitor, and control information across the enterprise— regardless of where it is located.

Today, data continues to grow at a staggering rate, with some analysts projecting as high as 44 times in the next 10 years. Clearly, continuing a "keep everything forever" strategy will likely result in serious legal, compliance and cost issues. Time has never been better for a solution that enables proactive information governance.

Proofpoint Enterprise Governance allows organizations to regain control over information with a solution uniquely designed to:

  • Mitigate Legal and Compliance Risk: by delivering greater visibility and control over critical content.
  • Reduce eDiscovery and Storage Cost: by enabling defensible disposition of redundant, obsolete, and transitory content
  • Deliver Results With Minimal Impact: by leveraging patented Digital Thread™ technology, organizations can increase control without deploying more infrastructure, or depending on user action.

Tracking with Digital Thread™ Technology

The Proofpoint Enterprise Governance solution leverages a breakthrough architecture that overcomes the challenges of outdated enterprise information management systems. Digital Thread™ technology works like a GPS system for documents, tracking an enterprise document as it moves throughout your infrastructure. It does so without requiring additional systems investment, complex data migration, or change in the way that users collaborate around specific information.

Digital Thread™ technology

Digital Thread technology uses patented algorithms to allow users to track and manage enterprise documents moving through disparate systems including email, hard drives, shared drives, removable drives, Microsoft SharePoint, IBM Lotus Domino, Dropbox, and

Easy storing and sharing Digital Thread™

Instead of being required to check enterprise documents into and out of a central document repository system, Proofpoint Enterprise Governance users are free to store and share enterprise documents the same way they always have, so organizations' existing business practices remain intact.

Track and manage documents through the entire lifecycle with Digital Thread™

Since the Proofpoint Enterprise Governance solution tracks and manages enterprise documents with its Digital Thread system, the enterprise documents can be monitored and managed through the entire document lifecycle. Document tracking and management begins upon creation or reception of an enterprise document.

What Digital Thread™ captures

When a document is saved, the Digital Thread system stores metadata about the document. This enables the document's identity and classification to survive location and filename changes as the document travels through an enterprise's disparate systems. To accomplish this, the Proofpoint Enterprise Governance solution tags every document within its management system. These tags act as the document's DNA and, combined with Proofpoint's patented algorithm system, allow the document management service to determine if and how any two enterprise documents are genetically related.

File types supported

Since the Digital Thread system never embeds information within an enterprise document, it can track any file type. The system also continues to track files whose metadata has been accidentally or intentionally removed.

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