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Seamlessly Integrate Social Media Content into your Existing Information Archive

The growing use of social media in business today is undeniable. Social media is fast, ubiquitous, and can yield measurably positive impact to your business. However, regulatory requirements to govern the use of social media are evolving quickly, and improper use can lead to damaged brands, regulatory fines, and harsh eDiscovery consequences.

Proofpoint Social Platform for Archiving allows organizations to employ policy-based controls to capture social content so that it can be managed as any other critical information asset. Proofpoint captures social conversational content, by converting user content to email form in real-time, ensuring you remain compliant with your regulatory obligations.

Proofpoint Social Platform for Archiving provides:

  • Social Media Compliance… Simplified
    Proofpoint Social Platform provides an advanced feature set that helps to automate and streamline critical compliance tasks. These include mapping to user-specific journaling destinations, capturing content for only a subset of users, conditionally capturing content for users, indicating followers, and custom SMTP headers.
  • Modular Architecture for Flexibility
    Proofpoint offers extensibility with channel-specific modules, and flexibility to deliver social content for retention in many leading archiving solutions. Proofpoint Social Platform can seamlessly integrate social media content into solutions including Proofpoint Enterprise Archive, Symantec Enterprise Vault, EMC, Bloomberg Vault, HP/Autonomy, Smarsh, Global Relay, and others.
  • Low TCO, without IT Hassles
    With a unique, cloud-based architecture, Proofpoint’s Social Platform for Archiving simplifies compliance, while offering the lowest cost of ownership and no IT management hassles. Compliance teams can focus on policies to control social content quickly, without waiting for new systems to be procured and deployed.

LinkedIn – Seamlessly Integrate LinkedIn Content into your Existing Information Archive

LinkedInProofpoint Social Platform Archiver for LinkedIn helps you to meet the requirements set forth by the SEC, FINRA, EPA, HIPAA and other regulatory entities. With Archiver for LinkedIn, your LinkedIn content is fully integrated into the archiving solution that you already have in place, thereby eliminating the need to manage multiple tools for electronic communication compliance.

Make LinkedIn Safer with Proofpoint Archiver for LinkedIn
Harness LinkedIn with confidence. Satisfy regulatory requirements.

Social Media Compliance

Proofpoint Archiver for LinkedIn archives all user-generated posts, comments, likes, recommendations, follows and the full-text of user profiles. All elements related to conversational content are included in the archive email; capturing the full conversation thread and all parties involved in the communication. This enables the compliance officer to view the entire context of a conversation in each captured item that Proofpoint Archiver for LinkedIn generates. Content captured by Proofpoint Archiver for LinkedIn can be sent to the archiving destination(s) of your choice.

The Most Advanced Functionality

Proofpoint Archiver for LinkedIn has the most advanced feature set on the market, enabling you to meet the most rigorous social archiving demands. Key capabilities such as user-specific journaling destinations, capturing content for only a subset of users and custom end-user provisioning workflows are standard in Archiver for LinkedIn.

Always Up-to-Date

Let Proofpoint be your trusted compliance advisor to all things LinkedIn-related. Archiver for LinkedIn is delivered as a cloud-based service, allowing Proofpoint to quickly and efficiently incorporate new LinkedIn features in order to minimize any impact on compliance policies and practices.

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Enterprise Social Media and Regulatory Compliance in 2015: Are you in control?

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Why Social Media Archiving Should be a Top Priority for Your Organization The use of social media in the work place is growing rapidly – for example, an Osterman Research survey conducted in November 2010 found that the typical employee spent just 11 minutes per workday using social media for work-related purposes, but that number increased near five-fold to 51 minutes per day by July 2013.

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