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For various reasons, many of the world's largest organizations have switched from the email security solution provided by Symantec (formerly MessageLabs) to Proofpoint Enterprise (which includes Proofpoint Enterprise Protection and Proofpoint Enterprise Privacy). As a Symantec alternative, Proofpoint works closely with customers to provide assistance during and after the transition, which ultimately is a quick, easy and seamless process with industry leading support available every step of the process.

What to Expect from Proofpoint when Switching from Symantec MessageLabs

  1. Increased commitment to client service, and feedback on critical false positives / false negatives:
    Proofpoint provides all of our customers with industry-leading service and support. Our roots are in the enterprise, and we provide SLA-backed response times.  Furthermore, feedback on false positives and false negatives is provided in a timely manner.

  2. More granular detection of spam, bulk mail, and email-borne threats (phish):
    Proofpoint's "Threat Detection Classification Engine" allows for increased granularity, by allowing administrators to configure separate policies for spam, bulk mail, adult spam, phishing, and viruses. Spam, bulk mail, and adult email policies can be granularly configured, with a unique action for the different types of spam. A separate phishing policy can also be configured and tuned – for example:
    • Quarantine all bulk mail to an end user Bulk Mail quarantine
    • Quarantine all spam to an end user quarantine
    • Quarantine all phishing to an administrative quarantine
  3. Greater administrative control and timely reporting:
    Proofpoint provides an easy-to-use end user and administrative interface, near real-time and customized reporting that can be scheduled, exported, or emailed to management, and self-service help desk tools such as real-time message tracing. This not only drastically reduces administrative costs, but also provides a level of administrative control in a SaaS environment equivalent to what customers have experienced in an on-premises deployment.

In addition to the benefits above, Proofpoint is also recognized by analysts by our commitment and investment in ongoing R&D. The benefit to customers is our ability to stay one step ahead of spammers and hackers. We welcome inquiries and updates on both our roadmap and on security and compliance trends.

What concerns or issues are you having with the Symantec MessageLabs solution?

Phishing detection

Comparison of Phishing Detection Technologies MessageLabs Proofpoint
Granular and configurable policies for phishing messages  
Separate quarantines for phishing messages  
Real-time notification and alerting of phishing messages
Automated delivery of reports for phishing messages

Spam detection and effectiveness

Comparison of Spam Detection Technologies MessageLabs Proofpoint
Reputation-based spam detection
Signature based spam detection  
Heuristics based spam detection  
Image detection  
Adult spam detection  
Bulk mail detection
Machine learning technology for accurate content analysis  
99% spam effectiveness and false positive SLAs
Email connection throttling and termination
Outbound spam detection  
Instead of relying on signatures and heuristics for spam detection effectiveness, Proofpoint spam detection is based on machine learning technology.

Virus detection and effectiveness

Comparison of Virus Detection Technologies MessageLabs Proofpoint
100% Anti-virus SLA
Zero-Hour Anti-virus detection for zero-day protection
Anti-virus engine Multiple F-secure

Policies for email attachments

Comparison of Email Attachment Policies MessageLabs Proofpoint
Attachment attributes (size, number, filename spoofing)
Attachment filenames
Attachment types – Mime type detection

Content filtering of email attachments

Comparison of Content Filtering Of Email Attachment Types MessageLabs Proofpoint
Microsoft Office 2003 files
Microsoft Office 2007 files
Microsoft Office 2010 files
Adobe PDF files
Content rules based on regular expressions
Pre-configured policies for SSNs and all CCs

Data Loss Prevention

Comparison Of Data Loss Prevention Technologies MessageLabs Proofpoint
Policy-based encryption Partial
Pre-configured compliance policies for HIPAA, GLBA, PCI  
Smart Identifiers – algorithmic checks of structured data  
Managed Dictionaries – pre-defined and updated libraries  
Advanced proximity and correlation analysis  
Document fingerprinting for protecting digital assets  
Optimized message decryption for mobile devices
End-user triggered encryption for sensitive data
Per-message encryption keys
DLP incident dashboard for administrative remediation  

Message Encryption

Comparison of Message Encryption Technologies MessageLabs Proofpoint
Transparent encryption (TLS) Extra Charge
Policy-based encryption Partial
End-user triggered encryption for sensitive data
Push Encryption Optional
Pull Encryption Optional
Optimized message decryption for mobile devices
Per-message encryption keys
End-user revocation controls for encrypted messages  

Reporting and Log Search

Comparison of Reporting and Log Search Technologies MessageLabs Proofpoint
Same day reporting
Automated publishing, scheduling, and email delivery of reports
DLP Dashboard – consolidated view of compliance activity  
Log search delay 15 Minutes 5 Minutes
Log search by sender, recipient, or message ID
Log search by subject
Log search by attachment name

End User Functionality

Comparison of Features Available To End Users MessageLabs Proofpoint
Quarantine release
Configurable per user spam policies
Per user "Approved Senders" and "Blocked Senders" lists
Per user regional and language settings
Self-remediation of outbound spam and DLP incidents  


Comparison of Features MessageLabs Proofpoint
Support for IPv6  
Domain specific policies
Domain specific email routing

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