How Proofpoint Protects Microsoft Office 365

Organizations are migrating to Microsoft Office 365 to address a number of challenges, including the desire to collaborate more cost effectively, the need to work from virtually anywhere, as well as to simply improve their ability to manage email. However, as organizations utilize more and more cloud solutions to replace on-premises ones, this means that more data communications will occur outside the corporate firewall, creating a whole new set of data security issues for organizations to deal with and manage. This is causing a growth of data living "in the wild," creating a significant challenge for the IT department to protect their organization's data, or to quickly produce the data in the event of legal or regulatory inquiries.

Proofpoint focuses on four key areas: data security, data privacy, legal discovery, and regulatory compliance (see table above). Microsoft Office 365's data security capabilities such as anti-spam/virus or email archiving are a great starting point, and alleviate IT in having to manage these systems on-premises, but distributed enterprises with complex requirements will need more. For organizations such as these, Proofpoint is the ideal data security solution for protecting an Office 365 environment. From defending against targeted attacks, to proactive legal discovery readiness, to compliance for industry and government regulations, Proofpoint has your organization covered to reduce the risks of costly data breaches and fines relating to legal discovery and regulatory violations..

Find out how Proofpoint protects Microsoft Office 365:

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