Virtual Appliance Deployment Options

For organizations that prefer on-premises deployment in a virtualized environment, the Proofpoint Enterprise Protection and/or Enterprise Privacy solution suites can be deployed as a virtual appliance. Offering the many benefits of virtualization—including cost savings, rapid deployment and provisioning, simplified policy management and easy backup and disaster recovery—virtual appliances are ideal for enterprises that use the VMware environment. Proofpoint's SaaS-enabled virtual appliances can also be deployed in unique hybrid configurations where some features are deployed as SaaS while others remain on-premises.

Key Capabilities

Virtual Appliances for Enterprise Email Security, Data Loss Prevention and Privacy Protection

The virtual edition of the Proofpoint appliance offers a convenient way to deploy the email security and compliance features of Proofpoint Enterprise Protection and Proofpoint Enterprise Privacy on premises in your organization’s VMware environment.

Proofpoint appliances are designed to meet the unique needs of large enterprises, ISPs, universities and government organizations. They offer all of the performance, flexibility, scalability, customization and end-user control features needed in large-scale deployments. Whether your deployment involves a single Proofpoint server or multiple, globally distributed appliances, all policy management and administration tasks are controlled via Proofpoint’s centralized, web-based administration console.

Each and every component of the Proofpoint system is engineered to meet the rigorous demands of enterprise performance. From the hardened, messaging-optimized OS used in Proofpoint appliances, to Proofpoint's unique, queue-less architecture that allows all message scanning functions to be performed in memory, Proofpoint provides the high performance required in even the most sophisticated deployments.

Proofpoint Enterprise appliances scale indefinitely to support many millions of email messages per day. They can easily be deployed in multiple-appliance, master/agent configurations to support complex or geographically distributed data centers—offering the security of 100% redundancy combined with the convenience of a single administrative interface.

Even in completely on-premises deployments, Proofpoint customers benefit from the power of Proofpoint's next-generation SaaS architecture. The Proofpoint Dynamic Update Service™ ensures that your network always has the highest level of protection from message-borne threats. Automatic installation and notification of updated components makes ongoing administration simple.

In addition to providing real-time anti-spam and anti-virus updates, the Proofpoint Dynamic Update Service delivers continuous updates for every component of your Proofpoint virtual appliance deployment—including the hardened operating system and MTA, managed dictionaries (such as the healthcare dictionaries used by Proofpoint Enterprise Privacy), application components and customized hot fixes.

Interoperable with Hybrid and Cloud Deployments

Proofpoint even supports hybrid deployments with both hardware and virtual appliances working together. Or combine on-premises virtual appliances with Proofpoint's SaaS versions. Often, Proofpoint hardware appliance customers use virtual appliances to scale their deployments to support growing user bases or to handle increases in email volume. Virtual agents are often used in combination with a hardware master appliance.

Proofpoint's optimal scalability architecture lets you manage all agent servers from a single master console. Automatic configuration propagation, a centralized email message quarantine and centralized reporting simplify maintenance and reduce total cost of ownership.

Proofpoint further reduces total cost of ownership by easily integrating with any IT infrastructure, no matter how distributed. A GUI-based LDAP command console and Microsoft Active Directory® support make directory server integration easy. Proofpoint Enterprise appliances are also compatible with—and minimize the burdens on—overtaxed email server solutions such as Microsoft Exchange® and Lotus Notes®.

Quick setup

A virtual appliance deploys in just minutes by simply loading into your VMware environment, including VMware Server or VMware Infrastructure.

Virtual Appliance Benefits both Production and Lab Deployments
The virtual edition of the Proofpoint appliance is ideal for enterprises that have adopted or are moving to the VMware environment. All of the benefits of virtualization can be realized with Proofpoint's virtual appliance including:

  • Cost savings related to infrastructure simplification: Reduced hardware, power, cooling and space requirements.
  • Reliability, backup and disaster recovery: Snapshots of an entire environment can be easily taken and restored at any time leveraging VMware's infrastructure management tools.
  • Deployment and scalability: New virtual servers can be rapidly deployed on existing hardware. Proofpoint's optimal horizontal scalability architecture allows new virtual appliances to be provisioned in minutes to address changing email requirements. Any number of virtual agent appliances can be deployed at zero incremental cost.
  • Change management: New versions and configuration changes can be tested in a zero-risk environment using a snapshot of the production environment. Customers of Proofpoint's hardware appliance versions can deploy the virtual edition appliance in lab or test environments free of charge. New virtual test environments can be quickly brought up or taken down on an as-needed basis.

Virtual Edition Requirements

As with Proofpoint's hardware appliances, virtual appliances can be deployed with the Proofpoint Enterprise Protection email security suite and/or the Proofpoint Enterprise Privacy compliance and data loss prevention suite. The virtual appliance combines those email security solution suites with a message transfer agent and secure operating environment that runs on any standard x86 desktop or server using VMware virtualization products.

For production, evaluation or lab deployments, VMware Server or VMware Infrastructure (VMware ESX 3.0 or higher) are required.

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