Proofpoint Privacy Incident Manager

Detecting the data is only the first step in a data protection strategy. Once a message containing sensitive or confidential data has been detected and triggers a policy, remediation actions need to be taken. Providing flexibility in remediation allows an organization to evolve to meet changing regulations. But administrators don't need to bear the brunt of data loss remediation themselves. Studies have shown that the vast majority of data loss is non-malicious and inadvertent. So, allowing end users to perform self-remediation can be more efficient as well as reducing the burden that administrators must bear in addressing incidents.

Proofpoint Enterprise Privacy offers a variety of powerful remediation options once a message triggers a policy creating an incident. Proofpoint also provides the unique flexibility to allow the data loss remediation to be actionable by the end user or only by the administrator/compliance officer. Because the vast majority of data loss incidents are inadvertent, the ability to leverage end user remediation dramatically reduces administrative overhead while ensuring that critical business communications are delivered.

Proofpoint Privacy Incident Manager Key Capabilities:

  • Block: Messages can be blocked and placed in a specific incident folder (based on the specific policy) for review by a compliance officer.

  • Smart Send: If allowed by administrators, end users may be allowed to resolve incidents themselves. Because the vast majority of incidents are non-malicious data leaks, Smart Send allows administrators to prevent sensitive and protected data from being breached, yet lowers the administrative burden by allowing end users to perform self-remediation. All remediation actions, whether taken by the end user or the administrator, are also logged for reporting.

  • Allow: Messages that do not contain sensitive or protected information are allowed to continue normally.

  • Encrypt: Organizations may elect to use TLS connections to business partners, effectively securing all email communications with that organization. Additionally, messages containing sensitive or protected information can be automatically encrypted using Proofpoint Encryption. Policy-based encryption is a powerful feature that ensures your organization is protecting sensitive data while also ensuring that critical business communications are not hampered or delayed.

  • Workflow: Detailed workflow is available to provide detailed tracking against each data loss incident. Compliance reviews can release messages by encrypting the messages, or leave messages blocked within the quarantine. Severe violations can be escalated for further review. Status of each incident in review is then logged.

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