Email Encryption: Software as a Service-powered, Policy-based Email Security Encryption Services

Proofpoint Email Encryption solution offers powerful, privacy policy-based email security encryption services that mitigate the email security risks associated with regulatory violations, data loss and corporate email compliance policy violations, without adversely impacting business operations. Proofpoint Email Encryption solution is the ideal email encryption service for any corporate organization that needs to protect and secure sensitive email messages, while still making secure email messages readily available to appropriate affiliates, business partners and end users—on their desktops and mobile devices.

Proofpoint Email Encryption
Features Benefits
Policy-based email security encryption services Email encryption privacy policy is automatically applied, based on your organization's corporate email security encryption policies, right at the gateway. Your email security encryption compliance, data-loss prevention and email message security policies are consistently and accurately applied on an as-needed basis. Internal-to-internal email encryption software-as-a-service is available via a desktop plug-in.
Streamlined email storage security policy Key email storage management, backup and administration burdens are eliminated through the Proofpoint Key Service, providing secure, cost-efficient, highly available and fully redundant key email storage facilities "in the cloud."
Granular control Provides granular email message control by allowing expiration of encrypted email messages and the ability to revoke any individual email message to any one specific individual.
Secure email message encryption made simple Makes ad hoc, secure email communication just as easy as traditional, non-encrypted messaging. Recipients can easily view their encrypted email through the Secure Reader, an easy-to-use, customizable software as a service interface.

Email Encryption Solutions and Today's Email Compliance Policy Challenges

As email has become the preferred medium for business enterprise communications, preventing confidential email content from being leaked in outbound email messages has become an essential component of preventing enterprise data security breaches. Additionally, the number of government and industry regulations requiring corporate email compliance and email security encryption privacy policies are on the rise. Federal regulations (such as HIPAA, SOX and GLBA), email encryption security standards such as PCI-DSS and, most recently, state data protection laws such as Massachusetts 201 CMR 17 all require enterprises to protect private data through technologies like email encryption.

Proofpoint Email Encryption solution meets these email encryption compliance policies with the industry's most powerful and flexible enterprise email security solution for policy-based email encryption.

Simple to Administer

Unlike alternative approaches to email security encryption services, Proofpoint Email Encryption solution provides effective security for sensitive email messages without the administrative burdens and infrastructure costs typically associated with secure email messaging. Email encryption services include:

  • Easy enterprise email encryption policy management:  All email encryption privacy policies—whether they are driven by regulatory compliance, data security or internal corporate concerns—are centrally managed and enforced at the gateway. A convenient graphical interface is provided for defining enterprise email encryption policies, which can be triggered based on structured, unstructured or keyword/regular expression content matches identified by Proofpoint data loss prevention solution.

  • Simplified key and certificate management: Proofpoint Email Encryption solution eliminates the administrative overhead associated with traditional email encryption services. Using Proofpoint Email Encryption solution, keys are generated locally by each unique customer instance of Proofpoint Email Encryption, whether deployed as software-as-a-service (SaaS) or on-premises.

  • Minimal email data storage and archive requirements: Proofpoint Email Encryption solution simplifies the email storage and backup overhead that is typically associated with email encryption software. The Proofpoint Key Service handles all key management functions using Proofpoint's next-generation software-as-a-service (SaaS) infrastructure.

Easy to Use

Proofpoint Email Encryption operates transparently to end users without requiring software downloads or the installation and maintenance of desktop or mobile encryption clients. Proofpoint's Email Encryption solution automatically encrypts and decrypts sensitive email messages as required, without end users having to use and manage complicated digital certificates or encryption keys. Proofpoint's Email Encryption solution can also support multiple end-user authentication sources.

Low Total Cost of Ownership

Proofpoint Email Encryption solution seamlessly interfaces with other components of Proofpoint Data Loss Prevention solution, including Proofpoint Regulatory Compliance and Proofpoint Digital Asset Security. Easy deployment and minimal ongoing management requirements greatly reduce the ongoing costs associated with email encryption. Proofpoint Email Encryption's unparalleled ease-of-use for end users minimizes support, training and helpdesk costs.

Email Encryption Benefits with Proofpoint Encryption

  • Automatically and dynamically applies email encryption based on your organization's email security compliance and privacy policies, right at the gateway.

  • Regulatory Compliance, data loss prevention and email messages encryption security policies are consistently and accurately applied, as-needed.

  • Eliminates email encryption key management, backup and administration burdens through the Proofpoint Key Service™, using software-as-a-service (SaaS) infrastructure for secure, fully redundant key storage.

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