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Proofpoint's Email Firewall is a real-time email content filtering layer that allows enterprises to define and enforce acceptable-use corporate email compliance policies for message content and email attachments. These email firewall features can be used to identify and prevent a wide variety of inbound and outbound corporate email policy violations, including offensive language, harassment, file sharing and much more.

Proofpoint Email Firewall Key Capabilities:

  • Connection-Level Defense: Provides a stateful, first-line of defense by testing numerous connection-level data points, including DNS, MX record verification, Sender-Policy Framework (SPF), and recipient verification.

  • Message Abuse Prevention: Proofpoint Email Firewall includes common email filters and standard dictionaries to quickly establish corporate email compliance policies or support existing email firewall policies, giving corporate organizations an immediate benefit in proactively controlling the most frequently encountered issues with corporate email compliance policy violations. Rules can compare message content with dictionaries in order to protect businesses from the use of inappropriate or offensive content and other issues that can surface through email usage. A variety of built-in dictionaries are supplied, such as an offensive language dictionary that can be employed to discourage the use of improper or abusive language.

  • Enforced Corporate Email Policies: Custom corporate email compliance policies are easily created within a graphical administrative interface, which allows corporate email messages to be analyzed and processed, based on a comprehensive list of message attributes:
    • Attachment attributes: File size, filename, file extension, number of files, number of files in archive, file depth in archive, presence of protected files and presence of corrupt archives
    • Message attributes: Text in message body, dictionary scores, message size, presence of encryption, MIME type and HTML tags
    • Message header, envelope and routing attributes: Email headers, envelope recipient, envelope sender, sender hostname, sender IP address, recipient, number of recipients, DNS block list status, message route (e.g., inbound or outbound) and more.
    • System attributes: Total concurrent connections, total connections and total messages.
    • Recipient group membership: Different corporate email policies can be defined and enforced for different groups of users or domains. As with all of Proofpoint's email compliance policy enforcement features, corporate email policies can be defined at the global, group, or individual end-user level.
  • Localized Email Compliance Policy Enforcement: Corporate email policy and content scanning engines detect and ‘understand' text in any language, including multi-byte languages. Acceptable use email compliance policies can match non-English keywords and dictionary terms written in international character sets such as Japanese, Chinese and Cyrillic.

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