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Today's enterprise email security threats no longer consist of just nuisance spam emails. Attackers with malicious intents are increasingly using email as an entry vector through the use of phishing messages. Historically, email phishing was focused on capturing individual account credentials, but recent email security attacks have shown that phishing attacks have a broader target in mind: corporate intellectual property and sensitive and confidential business information.

Proofpoint Enterprise Protection provides the industry's most comprehensive email security threat classification and email security management solution against phish, virus, spam emails, and other email borne malware. Backed by the patented MLX Threat Classification Engine, enterprise emails are classified based on the level of email security threat to an organization and managed accordingly, whether it is valid email, nuisance spam, or malicious, low-volume phishing attacks. Our email security threat protection solution uses real-time email message tracing to provide the necessary security tools to triage any security threats and the email security solution is backed by an enterprise-class support organization focused on supporting your mission critical business communications.

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