Smart Search: Real-Time Message Tracing

Trying to track down a specific email message or tracing a set of email recipients of a particular phishing attack across your messaging infrastructure is almost like searching for a needle in a haystack. Quickly consolidating email message tracking logs and ensuring real-time message tracking is a challenge many organizations have.

Proofpoint Smart Search provides real-time advanced email message tracing with forensic and message tracking log analysis. Message tracking log analysis are quickly consolidated across all Proofpoint systems – even across globally deployed clusters – and indexed for rapid search. Message tracking log analysis information is continuously updated so that within minutes, detailed analysis about any email message can be tracked through the easy-to-use Smart Search interface.

Proofpoint Smart Search Key Capabilities:

  • Message Tracing: When an executive asks the helpdesk what happened to an important message that was never received by a business partner, Proofpoint Smart Search can quickly track and locate the email message and provide message tracking analysis to report its delivery status.

  • Investigation: Has an end user been exchanging email messages with a competitor? Identify the subjects of those email messages.

  • Forensic Analysis: The legal department can track and identify specifically when and which server an important notification was delivered.

  • Compliance Analysis: Quickly track all email messages related to a specific compliance incident or an entire class of violations. Trace and track which rules were triggered and how the messages were routed as a result.

  • Trend Analysis: Determine how many email messages triggered a specific Proofpoint rule over a specific period of time.

  • Empowered Help Desk Staff: Provide help desk personnel with tracking access to only the Smart Search module, enabling them to answer common email troubleshooting and investigation requests.

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