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Spam remains a serious problem today because spam emails continue to be a very profitable business for spammers. Spam email takes on various forms from adult content, selling products/services, pharmaceuticals to stock promotions, job offers, etc. These unsolicited email messages are a nuisance and spam emails can also be offensive to your end-users (particularly adult content). Email spammers are constantly pioneering new techniques to bypass email anti-spam filter solutions forcing organizations to invest in spam email prevention solutions and anti-spam filters that can keep up with the evolving approaches. As long as spam emails make money, email spammers will continue to send out a barrage of unsolicited email messages.

Powered by patent-pending Proofpoint MLX machine learning technology, Proofpoint Spam Detection solution examines and filters millions of possible spam attributes in every email – including message envelope headers and structure, email images, email sender reputation as well as unstructured content in the message body – to prevent spam emails, attachment-based spam (including PDF and image-based spam), while automatically filtering and adapting to new spam attacks as they appear.

Your organization's email spam prevention and protection solution is automatically kept up-to-date via Proofpoint’s cloud-based Dynamic Update Service, ensuring maximum email spam detection and protection at all times. Individually controllable spam emails, adult content, and bulk content scores allow organizations to enforce customized anti-spam filter email policies, such as zero-tolerance email policies against pornographic spam.

Proofpoint Spam Detection solution is an anti-spam filter that is multi-lingual and offers outstanding accuracy and protection against spam emails in any language, including hard-to-analyze, multi-byte character languages such as Japanese and Chinese. Anti-spam filter email policies can be customized at the global, group, and end-user levels with full integration to LDAP or Active Directory for easy, on-going maintenance.

Proofpoint Spam Detection Solution Key Capabilities:

  • Contextual, Lexical, and Image-based Analysis and Support for Single-Byte and Double-Byte Languages: Proofpoint MLX spam email prevention and protection solution filters and examines the email content and context of messages using structural tests, single-byte and double-byte language content inspection, pornographic detection, malicious URL detection, image analysis, email reputation analysis and any custom anti-spam filter email policies administrators have defined..

  • Bounce Management: Backscatter: The barrage of non-delivery report messages (NDRs) and auto-responses caused by email spammers spoofing an organization's email addresses – has long been a serious problem for most organizations. Proofpoint's anti-spam filtering solution supports the latest BATV (Bounce Address Tag Validation) specification to tag outbound email messages and to validate incoming NDRs against those tags to filter out backscatter. In addition, Proofpoint MLX spam email prevention and protection solution blocks invalid NDRs in cases where anti-spam email filter's BATV isn't or can't be used (e.g., in the case of email forwarded from external domains).

  • Administrator Anti-Spam Filter Customization: Different anti-spam filter email policies can easily be configured for different groups of end-users or domains. All anti-spam filter email policies can be customized at a global, group, or user level with full integration to LDAP or Active Directory to simplify on-going administration.

  • Outstanding End-User Control of Anti-Spam Filter Preferences: Proofpoint anti-spam filtering solution provides end-users with easy, "self-service" control over their personal anti-spam filter preferences through features including:
    • Personalized anti-spam filter quarantines and quarantine digest reports
    • Personalized anti-spam filter safelists and blocklists. (Global anti-spam filter lists override end-user lists)
    • Web-based anti-spam filter quarantine and profile administration
    • Ability to opt in and out of different anti-spam filter policies (as permitted by administrator-configurable settings)
  • Anti- Spam Filter's Multi-language Support: End-user interfaces for message digests and web-based spam quarantine are available in Chinese, Dutch, English, German, Finnish, French, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, and Swedish.

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