Enterprise Email Virus Protection

Email-borne viruses, malware, worms, and Trojans continue to pose a substantial threat to enterprise business operations.

Proofpoint's Virus Protection provides signature-based enterprise anti-virus protection technologies through strategic partnerships with leading email anti-virus software vendors, giving business customers a choice of enterprise-class email anti-virus protection technologies. These world-class enterprise email anti-virus protection software are the same as those used in their respective commercial products, ensuring that a business enterprise is strongly protected against dangerous email viruses and other types of malicious code.

Proofpoint Virus Protection Key Capabilities:

  • Efficient message analysis: Enterprise email anti-virus protection software efficiently scan messages and attachments for potential email viruses and malicious code. Because Proofpoint Virus Protection is fully integrated into the Proofpoint platform, each email message is opened once and an anti-virus protection scan is performed in parallel with other forms of message analysis (spam, phishing, etc.). This in-memory processing minimizes latency and improves the business enterprise anti-virus protection system’s overall scalability.

  • Continuous business enterprise anti-virus protection updates: As new email virus definitions are created, Proofpoint's cloud-based Dynamic Update Service provides updates to all Proofpoint email anti-virus protection systems through a secure channel. This guarantees that Proofpoint Virus Protection is always up-to-date, providing your business enterprise with maximum protection against email viruses and minimizing the burden on IT administrators. Proofpoint's enterprise anti-virus protection software partners provide some of the fastest product-ready anti-virus updates in the virus protection industry, and the Dynamic Update Service make them available to business organizations immediately.

  • Integrated Administration and Reporting: Proofpoint's Virus Protection is fully integrated into the Proofpoint Enterprise Protection Suite, providing complete control over anti-virus protection through a unified interface. This business enterprise email anti-virus technology allows businesses to configure all aspects of business email virus protection, including anti-virus filtering activity, virus detection and cleaning processes, disposition options, and reporting with the same interface used for spam and content compliance administration.

  • Flexible Business Enterprise Anti-Virus Policy Management and Message Disposition: Proofpoint Virus Protection makes it easy for an organization or business to define and enforce enterprise anti-virus protection policies. Business administrators have flexible configuration options to determine how message should be handled based on the results of the email anti-virus analysis. Messages containing email viruses may be immediately discarded or held in quarantine for further administrative review.

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