Follow-me Protection

Proofpoint Targeted Attack ProtectionUnique URL re-writing of links within all suspicious emails to enable click-time protection via the URL Defense Service that is agnostic to browser, user device, and user location.

A frequent tactic has been to send users socially engineered emails that are designed to entice the user to click a URL within the email. The URL web destination either automatically initiates a download, or tricks the user to enter sensitive or private information. Proofpoint research has shown that 20% of clicks by users on malicious emails occur off the corporate network, bypassing on-premise security controls.

Proofpoint’s URL Defense Service enables the solution to provide comprehensive security by following the email and checking for the URL destination’s safety in real-time. This provides the following benefits:

  • Protects the organization by testing every URL behind the scenes, wherever it’s clicked, whenever it’s clicked, to ensure that the organization is protected whether the user is accessing email on the corporate VPN or on an unsecured public connection (i.e. off the corporate VPN)

  • Provides discrete visibility and click-tracking by ensuring URLs are unique for each recipient and each message, enabling end-to-end insight

  • Does not act as a proxy service, but rather, redirects the user’s browser to safe destinations upon confirmation by Targeted Attack Protection; this ensures existing corporate security controls and acceptable use policies are not bypassed

Follow-Me Protection works in conjunction with Next-generation Detection and Predictive Defense to provide a comprehensive solution to defend against targeted attacks even after an email has been delivered to the recipient’s inbox.

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