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With our security-as-a-service model, Proofpoint's enterprise email security solutions are easily deployed "out-of-the box" and minimize the need for lengthy and complex technology-focused tasks such as customizing code and managing unique network and application environments. For customers that require additional assistance, integration, customization, advanced reporting, design, training, or maintenance, Proofpoint Professional Services offers additional strategic and tactical support.

Our Professional Services team minimizes implementation risks, helps customers improve performance and assists customers in increasing their return on their technology investment. Proofpoint’s Professional Services team can help our customers through the design and implementation phase to get the product up and running rapidly. We pride ourselves on Implementation time frames that usually take weeks In comparison to our competitors who generally take months for service engagements.

Proofpoint Sentrion (Sendmail) Professional Services
Our Professional Services mission is to deliver enterprises secure, dependable, and compliant messaging networks that address specific security and business requirements, while integrating seamlessly with the IT infrastructure. No other company can match our Professional Services' level of messaging and security expertise gained at over 1,000 successful enterprise implementations. This experience combined with an industry-proven methodology, helps ensure the success of every project.

Our credentials include some of the world's largest, most complex and mission critical messaging networks. Much more than implementing software and appliances, our Professional Services provides a variety of custom services and packaged services covering: email architecture reviews, high-volume mailing solutions, customized policies for HIPAA compliance, mail-stream performance, and directory synchronization and implementation.

» Directory Synchronization Service

Managing multiple or overloaded LDAP environments is a common challenge facing today's IT environments. As companies consolidate and expand, the added load impacts directory server (Microsoft Active Directory, Lotus Domino, other LDAP) performance. Without a turnkey solution to update and manage directory data, many companies must input this information by hand. With the Proofpoint Sentrion (Sendmail) Directory Synchronization Service, companies gain a secure and automated solution to populate messaging-specific directories, reducing the load on IT and the directory server environment.

» Messaging Architecture Review

Evolving corporate and government requirements, combined with escalating inborn threats, pose significant obstacles to the day-to-day management of complex messaging infrastructures. While a long-term, holistic evaluation of the messaging architecture is vital, IT resources need to focus on day-to-day issues. The Proofpoint Sentrion Messaging Architecture Review is designed to evaluate and provide short and long-term recommendations to optimize the messaging architecture and to improve performance, scalability, flexibility, reliability, and security.

» High Volume Outbound Mail Security Implementation

As the volume of outbound email increases, the need for a highly scalable, flexible and secure outbound email system is critical. Our High Volume Outbound Mail Implementation leverages the experience of over 1,000 enterprise implementations and delivers the optimal outbound email security solution for reliably sending high volume, time sensitive, and mission critical mail.

» HIPAA Email Compliance Policy Management

Developing a messaging infrastructure to help address HIPAA email compliance is a difficult challenge. Our HIPAA Compliance Email Policy Management service is endorsed by the American Hospital Association (AHA) and features a pre-built lexicon designed to create policies to enable HIPAA compliance. Proven at over 1,000 enterprise implementations,

» Performance Tuning Workshop

The accumulation of add on products combined with the intricacy of messaging infrastructures make performance tuning a requirement for optimal message processing. Leveraging the expertise gained at over 1,000 enterprise implementations, Our staff of messaging experts will evaluate and fine-tune your network for maximum throughput, performance, and reliability.


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