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Why struggle through manuals, or use trial and error to slowly learn a product? Proofpoint Education Services offers the most efficient path to effective use of Proofpoint products. We offer role-based training that captures the crucial information you need to get started, with the best practices you need to get the most from your investment. And you can get Proofpoint training in a variety of ways, including self-paced web based training that you can access at your convenience, or classroom training at our site or yours. We also offer on-line accreditation exams, so you can ensure that your key users and administrators are properly prepared.

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Open Courses

These brief end user courses are open to the general public.  Just click on the View Now links to view any of these courses.  For administrator and other specialized courses, see our Enrollment Courses List. Learn more »

Enrollment Courses

These courses are designed for product administrators and other specialized roles.
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Proofpoint classroom training is held on a regular basis at our headquarters in Sunnyvale, California. The comprehensive curriculum is filled with extensive hands-on exercises to promote learning and exploration of our solutions.
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Do you measure up?  Proofpoint accreditation is a true test of your knowledge and experience with Proofpoint products.  It’s not the easiest challenge to surmount, but when you do, you’ll know that you’ve truly accomplished something.  Contact your sales rep to obtain or purchase accreditation exams.
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Terms and Conditions

Proofpoint training is available to customers, partners, and employees of Proofpoint.  To register for either web-based or instructor-led training courses, contact your sales representative, or you can ask us at and we’ll forward a message on your behalf.
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