Proofpoint Enterprise Governance

Global File Reporting

The Proofpoint Governance Server creates governance reports that show the status of the organisation's information in real-time. Consequently, managers or administrators can (a) understand the scale of their information problem, and (b) monitor file or record counts based on criteria such as location, age, creator, modified date, etc. Governance reports can be emailed to administrators or managers on a scheduled basis, or the governance reports can be accessed anytime online.

Global Reporting Key Capabilities:

  • Visibility: Governance reports give managers visibility of every file tracked in the enterprise. This governance report enables managers to monitor trends and file activity across the enterprise in real time.
  • Variety: There is a variety of governance reports that can be accessed by administrators. Popular governance reports exist by default, but custom reports can also be created. As listed above, reports show a wide variety of information such as counts per classification, user, file type, location, sise, and age.
  • Graphs and Tables: Governance reports are in graphical and tabular form to give managers the most valuable information about the cleanup efforts and information status of their organisation.
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