Proofpoint Enterprise Governance

In-Place Governance Benefits for Enterprises

In-place information governance makes sense for many reasons. Here are the key reasons why an increasing number of enterprises choose Proofpoint Enterprise Governance:

  • Legal Risk & Compliance: For most regulated organisations, legal risk and compliance are the main motivators driving the need to manage enterprise data in-place. That's because a solid and consistent in-place governance model is required to enforce disposition and retention policies regardless of where enterprise data is stored. The strong compliance offered by Proofpoint Enterprise Governance will help mitigate the risks of sanctions, investigations and motions.
  • Cost of e-Discovery: The operational costs associated with e-Discovery directly correlate with the volume of unstructured information. Even by conservative accounts, that can mean a cost burden that's ten times the cost of enterprise data storage. In-place information governance reduces those costs by applying a business-justified disposition policy of outdated data information. That means less money spent on both data storage and e-Discovery.
  • Cost of Storage: When it comes to the cost of in-place information management, many organisations are caught between two prevailing trends. Although the cost of enterprise data storage per GB is going down, the ever-increasing volume of information continues to drive costs up. Information governance that manages in-place allows organisations to substantially reduce the total volume of unstructured information being stored for lower storage costs—all without impeding business.
  • Infrastructure: The alternative to in-place information governance involves costly central repositories and the massive overhead associated with servers, storage, and data storage management software. By leveraging existing infrastructural environment, Proofpoint Enterprise Governance can help organisations avoid ballooning IT costs.
  • Change Management: By managing information in-place, enterprises gain the advantage of simplified user adoption, minimizing the impact of change. Users won't have to change their normal work patterns of creating, editing, saving, and emailing. That translates into higher adoption rates and better compliance.
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